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TTC Townhall – Scarborough Civic Centre, Saturday June 9 2012

TTC Townhall – Scarborough Civic Centre, Saturday June 9 2012

The Toronto Transit Commission held a townhall in the Scarborough Civic Centre on Saturday June 9th 2012. Here’s what’s transpired…

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Coming up Saturday: Share your thoughts at our next #TTC Town Hall, June 9, 1-3pm, Scarborough Civic Centre. Join in on twitter #TTCtownhallMilly Bernal
Looking forward to moderating the next #TTCtownhall June 9 at Scarborough Civic Centre. Looking for great ideas! 12:30-3pm #TTCRoanne Argyle
Via Inside #Toronto, more on Saturday’s Scarborough #TTCtownhall. Follow @jkozuch for livetweeting. #TTC–ttc-townhall-meeting-set-for-scarboroughKaren Stintz TTCteam
Heads up, Twitter: I’ll be live-tweeting the #ttctownhall on Saturday from 12:30-3pm. Expect a large volume of tweets during this time.Justin Kozuch
Have a #TTC question/concern? The next #ttctownhall is Saturday June 9th at the Scarborough Civic Centre, 12:30-3pm: Kozuch
If you can’t make it, you can also ask your #TTC-related question via Twitter using the #ttctownhall hashtag.Justin Kozuch
TTC is holding its next town hall, tomorrow, at Scarborough Civic Centre, 12:30-3 pm. Take the SRT to Scarborough Centre Stn. #TTCtownhallBrad Ross
MT @bradTTC: TTC is holding its next town hall, tomorrow, at Scarborough Civic Centre, 12:30-3 pm. #TTCtownhallScarborough Hospital
“@bradTTC: TTC is holding its next town hall, tomorrow, at Scarborough Civic Centre 12:30 #TTCtownhall” leave at 7am if coming from downtownAndrew Rains
Tomorrow Sat Jun 9: #TTC Town Hall at Scarborough Civic Centre, 12:30-3pm. Join in on twitter #TTCtownhall. Bring ur ideas/concerns.Milly Bernal
#TTC ‘town hall’ meeting set for #Scarborough Civic Centre tomorrow. #TTCtownhall #ScarbTOScarborough Mirror
Reminder: I’ll be live-tweeting tomorrow’s #TTCtownhall. Expect a heavier than normal volume of tweets between 12:30 and 3pm.Justin Kozuch
Have a question for the #TTC? The #TTCtownhall will be held at the Scarborough Civic Centre ( from 12:30-3pm tomorrow.Justin Kozuch
If you can’t make it, tweet your question/complaint/compliment using the #TTCtownhall hashtag. The #TTC would like to hear from you.Justin Kozuch
FYI #Ward36 MT "@jkozuch: Have a question for #TTC? #TTCtownhall will be held at Scar.Civic Centre 12:30-3pm tomorrow"Marvin Macaraig
Come share your thoughts about the TTC today. Our town hall is from 12:30-3 at the Scarborough Civic Centre. #TTCtownhallBrad Ross
#TTCtownhall meeting at 12:30pm today @ Scarborough Civic CentreIrene Preklet
Reminder: I’ll be live tweeting #TTCtownhall today between 12:30-3pm. Expect a high volume of tweets during this period.Justin Kozuch
Come out to the Scarborough Civic Centre ( today at 12:30 to share your thoughts about the #TTC. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
If you have a #TTC complaint, question or compliment, please tag it with #TTCtownhall so that it can be addressed. Thank you!Justin Kozuch
Am I such a transit geek that I’d travel to Scarborough for the #TTCtownhall ? Yes. Yes, I am. …I should leave now then. #905residentMichael Liew
Getting ready for #TTCtownhall. QA session – and coverage – starts in 30 minutes. (@ Scarborough Civic Centre) Kozuch
Coverage of #TTCtownhall will be kicking off in about 10 minutes. Feel free to mute me; there will be a high level of tweets starting soon.Justin Kozuch
Representing the TTC: Brad Ross, Director of Corporate Communications; Karen Stintz, TTC Chair; Andy Byford, CEO. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Also representing the TTC today is Chris Upfold, Chief Customer Service Officer. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
You can find TTC management on Twitter: @bradTTC (Brad Ross); @ttcchair (Karen Stintz); and @TTCChris (Chris Upfold). #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
I’ll be using the initials of TTC management instead of full names to save on character space. Breakdown coming up next. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Brad Ross: BR>. Karen Stintz: KS>. Andy Byford: AB>. Chris Upfold: CU>. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Moderating today’s town hall is Roanne Argyle (@roannea) from @ArgylePR. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Roanne’s initials: RA>. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Coverage will be getting underway shortly. Stay tuned! #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
A light crowd as we get ready to go. #TTCtownhall Kozuch
@sglepage My pleasure! If you have any #TTC concerns, we’ll be monitoring Twitter during the event. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
People are starting to file in to the council chambers now. We’ll be getting underway in a few moments. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Love to see the turnout at #TTCtownhall: Kozuch
KS>: "Thank you for coming out today. What we want to do is bring the TTC out to the community." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"We want to find out what works well, what doesn’t and how to improve upon things." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Any customer service organization’s performance depends on the quality of the relationship with it’s customers." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Roxanne Argyle from @ArgylePR kicking off #ttctownhall: Kozuch
RA>: "Through dialogue, we hope to share some points of wisdom and great ideas to meet our objectives." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Think about how we can improve the customer experience on the TTC, and please share those ideas with us." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Andy Byford up now to give us a few updates. "I’m accountable for the service at the TTC, day in and day out." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "It’s certainly a privilege to be the CEO of the TTC. There’s a lot more to do and there’s more we need to do to improve." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "To truly modernize the company, and made you feel valued as customers… it is going to take 5 years." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch #ttctownhall question: why weren’t streetcars put in on busy bus lines before LRT? Will they be put in anywhere to ease crowding?Joe Drew
AB>: "We’re clear on what we need to achieve, and we are putting together a strategic plan to achieve this." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "It goes way beyond the horizon. Working with Metrolinx to get LRT extensions on the way. New streetcars, smart card." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "I want it to be way more than just new vehicles. You have to feel that our transit system gives you value for money." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Today, it’s all about listening to you. We’re not always right, we want to know where we can do better." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Up now: Chris Upfold (@TTCchris), Chief Customer Service Officer at the TTC. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Lots of passion about the TTC in Toronto." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "At last townhall, 400 Twitter interactions. 40 comment cards. All responded to in 48hrs/15 days, respectively." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "New KPI’s in place: punctuality, reliability, service, safety." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "New hours and response times for Customer Service. Washroom refurb. Presto Smartcard. Continued customer engagement." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Roll out of customer info screens in stations, request stop changes." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Part one of townhall: Service delivery. Questions about routes, schedules, fares." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Part Two: Customer Experience. Questions about stations, vehicles, info and comms, future improvements." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Open mic starting now. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Rizwan: "We don’t have a bus timetable. Also, riders block the door. What are you doing to educate the riders, and steps?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Rizwan: "Cleanliness. People spill coffee and don’t clean it up. I don’t know how to educate these riders." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"I don’t know where we stand technology wise. In Scotland, every bus has a billboard to show when the next bus is coming." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Rizwan: "The 91 bus route doesn’t have a schedule for riders. People don’t know when the bus is coming." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Michael: "Surface rail is inefficient, especially streetcars. Bus travels faster than streetcar, even in traffic." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Probability of bunching with buses is much less than streetcars. Buses only stop at one of three stops." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Solution is more buses, and would not have been a bad idea to build the Sheppard subway." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Replace all the LRT with one subway route. What we need is one additional subway, not 5. We need more buses." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"More buses. Prov should not fund capital at higher rate than operating. They should give the city money and let them decide." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"New trains – please replace the tinted windows with clear windows. Buses are a good way to go." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Survey of room: Almost the entire room rides the subway once a week. Almost half have access to a car. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
The #ttctownhall stream is so depressing that I actually want to do homework.Kevin Menzel
Senior citizen recalls story of an injury on TTC. Stood up to ring bell, fell over. Concerned about safety for seniors on TTC. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhall how about we try a full citywide ban on outdoor advertising with the exception of #TTC infrastructure to fund the TTC?Erich Nolan Bertussi
"I’d like to see more care given to seniors, we have no chance to sit (on vehicles)." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Want to share an idea or concern about the TTC? Town hall under way now at Scarborough Civic Centre. Use #TTCtownhallBrad Ross
Atta: "Why do we still use paper transfers? It’s an archaic system. Other cities use electronic systems." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Maybe establish a uPass system, like in Edmonton. I don’t have to buy a pass for the Edmonton system. Included in my fees." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"We’ve been in Canada for 6 months. Applied for Wheeltrans, but declined. I don’t have a sense of orientation or balance." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Several times, we’ve almost fallen onto the tracks at the TTC station. Without the help of others, we wouldn’t be here today." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"I have come here to ask for a fundamental policy change, because with such policies, our safety is in danger." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"I’m confused as to why the response from Wheeltrans re: such impairment has been so negative." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch You are in Scarborough. I can tell. Poll the audience. Bet you 10 bucks they’re all drivers! #ttctownhallWendy Baskerville
"Revise the policy so that people who are vision-impaired are better catered to." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Is there realistic training for employees, given the increasingly crowded stations and subway trains?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall TTC should get double decker busses for busy routes- increase capacity without increasing costs, more pax to one driver.Eddie Ho
@jkozuch Point out the distance between subway stops vs the distance between LRT stops. #ttctownhallWendy Baskerville
Speaker on behalf of the Chinese Seniors Association: "Did a survey among Chinese seniors. Since 1973, fare for seniors +40%". #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@bradTTC Implementation of cellphone in subway should be sped up. No reason why so long. Networks will be happy to speed up #TTCtownhallEddie Ho
@bradTTC #TTCtownhall would love 2 c some enforcement for smoking on ttc property as well as for fare jumpers!!tkm222
"Seniors at home are isolated because they can’t afford TTC fares. This leads to an increase in funding req’s." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Calgary charges seniors $15 a year for transit use. Vancouver, $45 per year. Ottawa provides free service on Mon/Wed/Fri." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch Wheel trans has become quite heartless. Won’t transport the blind either. WTF #ttctownhallWendy Baskerville
"Let’s do a pilot program for free fares for seniors. We have alot of data and 3,000 signatures on a petition." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Joseph: "Will Presto be on the new articulated buses? Will they be on the back doors?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Helga: "We need more bus shelters. We need city to clean snow at bus shelters. Buses need to follow schedule. 124 always late." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Why don’t we have mini-buses in the evening? For routes with less service in the evening, use taxis like in Sudbury." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Richard: "What’s being done to minimize the impact construction has on tourism, like during the CNE or other events?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Deana: "My question is about my right to a seat. Under what kind of circumstances do I need to submit my seat?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
The panel will now answer questions. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Surface route inefficiency: Don’t get confused about what’s being proposed for building. Streetcars are not LRT." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "What you’re getting here (in Scarborough) are LRT. They carry more people than a bus or a streetcar." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "In terms of efficiency, an LRT is the way to go if you can’t meet the requirements for a subway." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "We are going to have Presto scanners in buses/streetcars, and there will be all-door boarding. Quicker boarding." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "We are looking to get articulated buses into the TTC fleet." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Events and construction: We try to coordinate with the city. We’re not great, but we are trying to get better at it." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Customer information: Agree that its lacking, and we have a plan on how to address. Smartphone info coming soon." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "We are putting together a plan to roll out information to stops as well." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Presto allows us to do different things like time-based transfer, discounts, concessions for seniors, etc." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "We want to make sure we have a good fare system." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Raj: "On the 190, new driver late by 7 mins. We don’t know what’s going on, where the driver is?" Wants more info. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"The TTC can do far better with their time." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Customer accused of stealing TTC maps, lying in box on the floor. On another occasion, driver ignored customer call for stop. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Daniel: "Have some express buses that only stop at major intersections. Moves people and gives them a choice." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Keeps buses moving and eliminates short turns." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Give people the choice to think about where they want to go." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Harry: "TTC phone #, this should be a 1-800 number. Kennedy Station, still single doors near the bus exits." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch #ttctownhall it’s all about accountability and seems to be lack of it there.Diana Pronosher
"Also, street names should on all bus shelters so that riders will know when they should get out." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch #ttctownhall Need an express bus on Eglinton E 34Diana Pronosher
"Shelters should not be facing west, as most of our weather systems/prevailing winds come from the west." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch #ttctownhall because still need a driver and labour is TTC biggest costDiana Pronosher
Veronica: "Discontinue the Royal Taxis. I took 3 rides and I thought I wouldn’t get home alive. Only one guy was OK." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Drivers smoke at Donlands "@tkm222: @bradTTC #TTCtownhall would love 2 c some enforcement for smoking on ttc property and fare jumpers!!"Diana Pronosher
@jkozuch I wonder if there is a way to have shelters with movable walls to keep up with changing winds #ttctownhallReggy
Angelo: "I see lots of empty buses. There are routes that don’t need to run every 30 or so minutes. Maybe 40-45 minutes?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Angelo: "A Rocket Route should be crosstown. From East to West, or North to South on one express bus." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Bring back the printed schedules, and have them at the stations that feed into bus routes." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Heads up: I cannot ask questions at #ttctownhall. However, please tweet your TTC questions and we’ll pick it up and address it. Thanks! :)Justin Kozuch
"Operator courtesy: I find that operators don’t give enough notice of short turns. I wish they would let us know earlier." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"I find some drivers don’t consider accessibility needs of passengers. They need to take these into consideration." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Drivers sometimes don’t help customers who have mobility issues. Other customers do." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
It would be great if platform NVAS displays included short-turn info ie train to St Clair West 2mins, train to Downsview 5mins #TTCtownhallDan Cottom
Andrew: "Could you empower your drives to make decisions about short turning? Or maybe running express for a while?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Drivers risk being hurt. "@jkozuch: "Drivers sometimes don’t help customers who have mobility issues. Other customers do." #ttctownhall"Diana Pronosher
Andrew: "Thank you for the initiative to clean subway cars at the end of the line. More Finch East express service." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Andrew: "Would like to see a network of routes that go across the city. For nearsighted people, different bus colour." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Andrew: "An S-Font or RER service. Electrified service, makes routes faster, but it’s expensive." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
more seating at stations such as the Pape subway stop#ttctownhallColm
The TTC shouldn’t use bikelanes as place to store stuff like new streetcar rails#ttctownhall#biketoColm
The TTC shouldn’t use bikelanes as place to store stuff like new streetcar rails #ttctownhall #biketoColm
Emily: "I would like to see the TTC employ more people with disabilities." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
+1 MT @jkozuch Emily: "I would like to see the #Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) employ more people with disabilities." #ttctownhallJennison Asuncion
Evars (?): "Why does it take 3 hours to get to a job at 6am using the 35 route, but only 20 minutes by car?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@fragileheart Got it. We’ll be answering that one shortly! Thanks for the question, Reg. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Agree. Ticket Booth a good place to start.@jkozuch Emily: "I would like to see the TTC employ more people with disabilities." #ttctownhallgregory alan elliott
"How do people find out about the TTC town halls? I didn’t know about it until 30 minutes before it began." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
With Andy Byford, @ttcchris, Staff & Customers at Scarborough #TTC Town Hall. Tweet Q’s & comments to #TTCtownhall. Stintz TTCteam
"I’ve also noticed the 131 bus is always empty. Also, what can be done about vehicles with nothing to hold on to?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Same as last one. "@jkozuch: "How do people find out about the TTC town halls? I didn’t know about it until 30 minutes before #ttctownhall"Diana Pronosher
"Drivers should check student ID’s. Too easy to cheat the system." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Drivers should tell riders if there is something going – short turns." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Maybe playing some music on the early buses. Music has a positive psychological effect on people." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@Jennison @jkozuch #Toronto #ttctownhall I just want to see the best person for the job do it.Diana Pronosher
Larry: "An elevated railway going up the DVP. Also, a single lane going up Yonge to Steeles for the 97 bus." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Articulated buses: Major problem in winter." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhall question: why weren’t streetcars put in on busy bus lines like finch before LRT? Will they be put in anywhere to ease crowding?Joe Drew
Drivers avoiding getting hurt "@jkozuch: "Drivers sometimes don’t help customers who have mobility issues. Other customers do." #ttctownhallDiana Pronosher
"Getting information out: use the community newspapers. Scarborough has a number of them." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Have a sign outside/inside bus, ‘access in progress’ for those with mobility devices who are boarding the bus." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Michael: "When streetcars go in, there will be less cars on the road. This will impact frequent service. Buses are better." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@wendywashere @bradttc #ttctownhall what will he do about it? Brad works in officeDiana Pronosher
"Full modernization not necessary. We don’t need to know when the buses are coming. We need more buses." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
(This will be the last question before going to panel and wrapping up.) #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"If feedback is important to you, why am I not getting a response to the feedback I’m offering?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
To the panel. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@TTCchair @ttcchris: can there be better integration of the TTC with the 905? E.g. Via Presto, better schedules, mobility hubs? #TTCtownhallDennis Yip
AB>: "This is really good stuff. One thing that came through: short turns. It’s unforgivable if operators can’t tell you why." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Customers waiting for buses for a long time: this is not acceptable. " #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "We will go through all this stuff, categorize it. We owe you the courtesy of a response because you’ve come here today." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@bradTTC #TTCtownhall Please train your bus drivers how to properly calculate the stopping distance.Ruslana
And that’s it! #ttctownhall is wrap. Thanks for tuning in and for all your comments.Justin Kozuch
@bradTTC #TTCtownhall Most of your bus drivers drive like they just robbed a bank and are trying to get away.Ruslana
@jkozuch Great live-tweeting of #ttctownhall! Only travel kept me from being there. Your tweets are next-best thing!Daniel Tisch APR
Enjoyed moderating today’s #ttctownhall. Great comments & ideas to improve the #TTC experience. Thx Scarborough!Roanne Argyle
When will Presto be rolled out to all the stations and/or vehicles? #TTCtownhallBecky

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