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#TOTownHalls – Toronto Town Hall Transit Debate — Where to build first: low-income or high density?

#TOTownHalls – Toronto Town Hall Transit Debate — Where to build first: low-income or high density?

Toronto Town Hall Transit Debate — Where to build first: low-income or high density?Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012.Time: 6:30-8:30pmPlace: 918 Bathurst, Toronto, ON

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The big question is not subways, LRTs or helicopters, but who needs a ride? Who needs and uses public transportation in Toronto? Come hear, discuss, and help decide: Who needs it more, high density or low-income neighbourhoods? Where do we build and expand our transit? What will it cost us to do nothing? – OR expand it in the wrong place?


Please join host Sarah Thomson (Publisher, Women’s Post & former mayoral candidate, 2010) with Adam Giambrone, Marcus Gee (Globe and Mail), and Councillor Joe Mihevc in this exciting discussion. We look forward to your thoughts and opinions. Make a difference. Get involved.


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012.
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Place: 918 Bathurst, Toronto, ON


Admission is free, but seating is limited. To reserve your spot please e-mail today.

This is an opportunity for you to support local charities Eva’s Initiatives, Food Forward, and RaBIT. Donations will be accepted at the door.

Hope you can make our #TOTownHall discussion this Wed. night with @marcusbgee @joemihevc @adam_giambrone details here: Thomson
@amirightfolks 😉 Sorry I’ll miss #WiTOpoli tomorrow but moderating #totownhalls on transit drop in if you can details Thomson
double header tomorrow #totownhalls 918 Bathurst + @amirightfolks #wiTOpoli @ 720 Bathurst details: #topoli #onpoliSarah Thomson
Bathurst St. is place to be tonight with #WiTOpoli event + #totownhalls event #topoliSarah Thomson
#totownhalls #transit event tonight live on join the conversation #topoli #drlSarah Thomson
Even Giambrone was ID’d at the door of #totownhalls tonight. Looking forward to an intimate and constructive meeting.Matthew Baggetta
At #totownhalls. 918 bathurst. Talking about subway and where to build. Join us! #topoli #ttcNovina Wong
follow along with us on youstream #totownhallsTashika Gomes
If we have a strong dedicated funding stream; what kind of transit would be best for Toronto: subway or light rail transit? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
At #totownhalls event on #TOtransit with @joemihevc, @Adam_Giambrone and @marcusbgee, moderated by Sarah ThompsonDan Minkin
@adam_giambrone: Of course people like subway; if you can afford them, subways are the best form. #TOTownhalls – TTSarah Thomson
joe mihevc makes funny ref to song "if i had a million dollars" ref to $ needed for ttc #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@joemihevc: You can build 2km of subway or 19 km of LRT. SO it depends what you’re trying to accomplish #TOTownhalls #TOPoliSarah Thomson
joe mihevc #totownhalls "we need to buy at least 100 buses to meet current needs"Tashika Gomes
@joemihevc: But Right now we need to buy 100 buses to meet demands. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #ttcSarah Thomson
@marcusbgee: We need to be thinking about the type of city we want to build before we decide what kind of transit we need. #TOTownhalls…Sarah Thomson
adam giambrone "we need to think very carefully about the type of city we want to build" #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@marcusbgee: Subway is expansive to maintain. Subway trains need to be replaced every 35 years. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@adam_giambrone: Sheppard subway tells us that density doesn’t increase just because a subway line is going there. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli…Sarah Thomson
Expending transit will help economy + relief congestions. But shouldn’t we build subways at low income area to serve ppl? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@adam_giambrone: In Europe, they think transit is an anti-poverty way to bring people into community #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
sarah thomson " should we build in low income or high density? #totownhallsTashika Gomes
Join us at our discussion tonight at #TOTownhalls: Topic: Where to build first: high priority or high density? #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@adam_giambrone: We need to look at our system as a network. Most people come from somewhere else to downtown #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
joe mihevc – we should build both #totownhallsTashika Gomes
marcus gee- #totownhalls supports downtown relief line Gomes
Some minor technical difficulties but we are now livestreaming at #TOTownhalls’s Post
@ThomsonTO Have you ever been on it during rush hour? I find your logic is flawed because it’s partially completed #topoli #TOTownhallsCrispin Black
@ThomsonTO: unite city around city subway loop, stop calling it downtown relief line #TOTownhalls #transit #tocouncil’s Post
@crispin_black we are here at #TOTownhalls. On the panel are @marcusbgee @adam_giambrone and @joemihevc #TOPoliSarah Thomson
We are taking questions via Twitter if you can’t be here tonight or are too shy to take the mic #TOTownhalls what would you like to ask?Women’s Post
@joemihevc: Metrolinx has a very good plan, but the plan costs $50bil. Where is the money coming from? #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
How does one talk about the vehicle one wants before talking about the service it should provide? Cart meet Horse #totownhallsKevin Richardson
We are taking question from twitter for the panelists. Where to build transit: high priority vs. high density. #ToTownhalls #TOPoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@joemihevc discusses increased capacity of new subway cars. Good investment. #TOTownhalls #transit #TTC’s Post
Unfortunately livestream is having technical difficulties but we will be posting videos on #TOTownhallsWomen’s Post
sarah thomson #totownhalls "do you think we need to create a toll etc or is there another way to fund ttc?"Tashika Gomes
@joemihevc: need to explore relationship btwn GO and #Toronto better. GO should be for infra 416 travel, not just suburbs-city #totownhallsDan Minkin
Rob Ford has now found the money he promised. Should we find other fund streams, tolls, sales tax, or something else? #TOTownhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
joe mihevc- we need to say yes to everything… :/ wonder how that will fly with the rest of T.Dot? what do you think? #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@joemihevc: A few years ago I talked about toll lanes as source of fundings, that’s not happening anymore #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@Adam_Giambrone: if we build it and they come, have to consider increased subsidies for their ridership #TOTownhalls’s Post
@adam_giambrone: Every rider on the TTC has $1 subsidence. so at a 500 million budget, we need 200 million extra #TTC #TOpoli #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
adam- "joe is absolutely right" what do you think… is TO ready for tolls? #totownhallsTashika Gomes
Will a transit sales tax in Toronto move shoppers into the 905? #TOTownhallsKevin Richardson
@KORichardson #TOTownhalls won’t rampant traffic do the same?Ωmega Man
sarah thomson pleased with panel responses #totownhalls flashes wide smile.Tashika Gomes
@joemihevc: We have to be in concert with 905. If no sales tax, gas tax in 905, should Toronto do it? Prob not! #ToTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
joe mihevc- we need a national transit strategy #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@joemihevc: Congestion’s going to cost us $16 billion in 20 years if we don’t fix it. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTC #onpoliSarah Thomson
@marcusgee: conversation had changed. Columnists increasingly talking about need for tolls #TOTownhalls #tocouncil’s Post
@joemihevc: in referenda in the US, both red and blue states, ppl vote consistently for taxes to support transit. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@OMEGAM4N you could just create a Detroit-like donut/‘burbs with a dead core. Just saying a tax might have to be regional #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
marcus gee- agrees that the conversation HAS changed bc of worsening congestion- ppl realize"something is wrong here" #totownhallsTashika Gomes
#TOTownhalls @ThomsonTO @joemihevc @Adam_Giambrone Glavić
@marcusbgee: The Mayor and a lot of his supporters are starting to talk about tolls and other fund source #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
great to have a panel with a sense of humour #totownhalls :)Tashika Gomes
LA had the worst gridlock (we’d since taken over). They have private citizens campaign for sales tax into transit funding #TOTownhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
How does Toronto Transit advocacy move from preaching to the choir to getting the ‘burbs/905 onside? #TOTownhallsKevin Richardson
@joemihevc: there will be no new revenue tools until civic society asks for it to be so #TOTownhalls #tocouncil #ttc’s Post
@joemihevc: let’s make it a rational conversation and stop just screaming for subways #TOTownhalls #tocouncil #ttcWomen’s Post
@joemihevc: We have to stop saying "Subway subway subway, no tax no tax no tax" #TOPoli #TOTOwnhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
@marcusbgee: in 2000, @iamdavidmiller got pounced on by @johntoryshow for mentioning tolls. Now ppl realize it may be needed #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
Question from audience: Is it possible to develop a master plans of transit that exist above political structure? #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@KORichardson #ToTownhalls hello greater toronto services board.Ωmega Man
Should a transit plan designed today survive 50 years from now? Shouldn’t we have a mechanism to adjust to changing times? #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
@adam_giambrone: TransitCity survived through; but funding ideas come and go. We should plan today for 2020. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
charles-is it possible for us to band together beyond political and come up with a solution for our city? #totownhalls Gomes
Also, @joemihevc promises to have that discussion at @wychwoodbarns. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@joemihevc: There can’t be a plan above politics. Absolutely not! Best way to make politician fall in line is informed public #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
Broad public support is what will ensure transit plans survive administration changes #TOTownhalls #tocouncil #ttcWomen’s Post
@ThomsonTO does that mean Toronto has to get that bad before it is FORCED into its LA moment? #TOTownhalls #TTCKevin Richardson
haha ‘stub-ways’ #totownhalls – marcusTashika Gomes
We need to set up dedicated funding. It’s difficult to start it, but once starte,d no one will get rid of #TOTownhalls.#TTC #TOpoliSarah Thomson
Toronto has the worst gridlock problem in all of North America. #ToTownHallKailah
sarah thomson says we need to have a "sunset clause" in order to get funding. #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@adam_giambrone: It’s also abt giving the people a right to govern themselves & doesn’t require provincial/ federal gvt to act #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@ThomsonTO the problem with a dedicated tax is getting residents to believe that the funds will go where they are supposed #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
Does Toronto have a vision problem when it comes to fixing transit issues? #TOTownHallsKailah
darlene, a cyclist, asks-"where is the vision of the future that i can be confident and excited about" #totownhallsTashika Gomes
Q’s fr audience: Reason why people don’t talk abt transit issues, is bcoz there are many areas lacking community. How to change? #TOTownhallSarah Thomson
#TOTownhalls must be getting close to trending …the trolls are coming outSarah Lambert
@adam_giambrone: We need better leadership. We had ppl from Finch W BIA and community voted b/t LRT and subway few years ago #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
adam- we need good leadership and for the community to get involved #totownhallsTashika Gomes
By positioning LRT as “reasonably priced” instead of “best for the area,” people THINK they are getting 2nd best transit #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
@Adam_Giambrone: it’s going to take political risks to get the funding we need. Public buy-in will come later #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #ttcWomen’s Post
@marcusbgee: People love subway. But are we willing to pay for it…? #ToTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
Are subways better? That’s like saying motorcycles are better than cars? where do you put car seat;) #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
#TOTownhalls Do we not have to have the infrastructure in place to accommodate the growth in ridership?Crispin Black
Aud member: you asked what I’d have for Christmas if I could have anything, I want @ThomsonTO for mayor #TOTownhalls’s Post
#totownhalls How can the public be convinced of LRTs when both harbourfront and spadina, now streetcars, were considered LRT in the past?Matthew Baggetta
Q from Audience: How do we build pro-subway people and pro-LRT people together…? #ToTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
Ques to the panel from avid transit user- every plan has good and bad, how do we find a solution? we need something… #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@joemihevc: You make ppl think in budget. $1Bil: Would you want 2 subway station fr Don MIll to vic park? Or the whole line? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@ThomsonTO We do it by electing more David Millers and fewer Rob Fords. #totownhalls #topoli #ttc #torpoliJames Ryan
@mattbagetta: I work on spadina and personally like the spadina streetcar line. It’s fast+frequent. #TOTownhalls.Novina Wong
Wanna inspire Toronto about transit? Stop telling them that LRT is inferior to subways. People don’t rally behind second best. #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
L to R: @marcusbgee, @joemihevc, @adam_giambrone, and @ThomsonTO at #totownhalls Minkin
Fr Audience: We need transparency and strategic management reviews, not funding reviews! How to get out of these BS? #ToTownhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
@adam_giambrone: It’s about implementation and seeing it through, hence strong leadership! #TOTownhalls #TOPoli #TTCSarah Thomson
Have you got a question for our #TOTownhalls panelists? Tweet at us and we’ll ask for you!Women’s Post
@Adam_Giambrone: ppl criticize #TTC but internat’l evaluators put it in top 2 systems for lowest cost per rider or per km. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@joemihevc: In the past year, people are starting to reconnect with their love of the city. #ToTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: if we’d had this mtg a year ago you’d have seen much more depressed Joe Mihevc. But lots has happened this year… #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
Don’t forget to support Eva’s Initatives, @TorontoRaBIT and @pushFoodForward with a donation at door #TOTownhalls’s Post
Fr Audience: Toronto is a cashcow for rest of country & we don’t get enough b\k, how to convince fed gvmt tht we’re important? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: … #tocouncil made its finest decision on the LRT for Eglinton, Finch and Sheppard. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@joemihevc: national transit strategy hasn’t happened here, and every mature industrial country has one! #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
tweet your questions @ #totownhallsTashika Gomes
#TOTownhalls I think we need to put petty political differences aside & do what’s best for this city. It’s not about ford or millerCrispin Black
@joemihevc: there’s a bill in parl from @oliviachow for a national transit strategy. We shod get behind that, build momentum. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@marcusbgee: The province gave us $8bil for Eglin. line and fr fed Union revitalize. We’re on our own for this one #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@ThomsonTO @joemihevc while true, just because we should have a national transit policy, does it mean we’ll get one? #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
Fr. Twitter: Why is Scarborough not getting any transit expansions? #TOTownhalls #TopoliSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: Currently half the funding is going to go to Scarborough. Scarborough will catch up&they deserve it #TOtownhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
Adam: we need rapid transit corridors across this city. #TOTownHallsKailah
Fr Audience: How can we incrase attractiveness of buses? #TOTownhalls #Topoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: Some buses are half emptied Sun Afternoon. Yes they are, but that’s the price of servicing the system #TOpoli #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@joemihevc #totownhalls you do not have to go to south America to see BRT. Most successful BRT around is in Ottawa. York Region is bldg BRTTom Middlebrook
Thank you to our sponsors for supporting this great discussion! #TOTownhalls’s Post
"Latte crowds, Tim Hortons crowds, 416 country, 905 Country…." #Torontoterms #TOTownHallsKailah
Fr Audience: What happens if Eglington’s density becomes so great in the future and we need to replace LRT with subway…? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: Supposed we can redig holes to adjust, but we match transit& street planning, so we have many generations to grow #TOTOwnhallsSarah Thomson
Thank you for coming, tweeting and participating. This is how we grow. 😉 #TOTownhalls #Topoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@ThomsonTO closes off a fantastic #TOTownhalls discussion’s Post
And that’s a Wrap! #totownhalls until…next time :)Tashika Gomes
Talk to your neighbours, talk to your friends! Please talk about the NEEDS to fund transit! #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
Thank you to panelists @Adam_Giambrone @marcusbgee and @joemihevc #TOTownhallsWomen’s Post
if you missed tonight’s townhall check out the #womenspost for a briefing, highlights and updates on #totownhalls Gomes
"Forward Together"-quote of the night. #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@womenspost @marcusbgee @joemihevc #TOTownhalls Thanks for the opportunity to participate, I really enjoyed!Adam Giambrone
VIDEO: Curitiba Brazil’s Trinary BRT Bus Rapid Transit System. Lessons+Inspiration for Toronto’s #TTC. #TOTownhalls — SYeD

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