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Toronto Cyclists Union AGM 2012

Toronto Cyclists Union AGM 2012

May 2nd, 2012 at 7 pm, 2012 Annual General Meeting! Overview highlights and successes from 2011 and launch new strategic plan. Members will also elect 4 new board members and vote on an important resolution to change the name of our organization to Cycle Toronto.

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We’re pleased to release the bike union’s new Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles & Goals. Learn more here: #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 1: (Mode shift) By 2016 the number of people who bike to work will have grown from 1.7% to 5% #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 2: (Membership) 2,500 mbrs by 2012 and 10,000 by 2018. Representation from all wards. #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 3: (Advocacy) 50% reduction in cycling-related collisions, injuries, and fatalities & 400 new kms of bike lanes by 2018 #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 4: (Ward Advocacy) Expand Ward Advocacy Program to actively engage and connect over 50% of wards by 2018 #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 5: (Partnering) Collaborate with at least one external partner for each campaign #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 6: (Building Organizational Capacity) Sustainable funding, motivated & knowledgeable staff, and effective governance… #bikeTOBike Union
Supporting my own candidacy and that of John Taranu, Ward 22 Organizer, for the Board of Directors at @bikeunion AGM tomorrow #bikeTOJean-FrançoisObregon
Toronto Cyclists Union Releases New Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles & Goals #bikeTOAmanda Lewis
Toronto Cyclists Union Releases New Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles & Goals #BikeTOBikingToronto
Today 6-7pm 100% of @csiCoffeePub sales go to @bikeunion prior to their big AGM here at #csinx! If u like to #bikeTO, show it w espresso!"Nick Cluley
Excited to attend my first @bikeunion AGM today. Looking forward to voting in a new board and hearing the debate on the name change! #bikeTODanny Brown
One of my favourite days of the year: @bikeunion’s AGM! See you tonight #BikeTO’ers! @BikeUnionWard27 @BikeUnionWard28 #TOpoli #torontoChris Drew
Who is going to the @bikeunion AGM tonight? Hopefully the rain stays in Mississauga. #bikeTO’Xander Labayen
Toronto Cyclists Union decides on rebranding as Cycle Toronto at their AGM tonight. Here’s why I’m voting no: #bikeTOGreg Burrell
Heading to @bikeunion AGM tonight to vote against maddening proposal to drop "union" from name. #bikeTOPamela Clark
"Union" is not a dirty word. #bikeTOPamela Clark
@bikeunion: Will members be able to vote by proxy (or by Twitter) at this evening’s AGM? #bikeTOSteven Wood
Everyone on #BikeTO remember that aside from couple of people who argue about almost everything, we are a COMMUNITY. Bike safe, bike well.BikingToronto
@416cyclestyle @bikeunion Still talking about a name change of a political organization in poetic metaphor about butterflies. Sorry, but NO.meagar
Heading to @bikeunion AGM tonight to support name change proposal to the more inclusive "Cycle Toronto". #bikeTOMichael Went
Wish I could be at the @bikeunion Annual Meeting tonight! Congrats to our staff for an amazing year!! @JaredKolb & @andiemgarcia #BikeTO 1/3dave meslin
Also congrats (and Thank You!) to our amazing volunteer board, incl: prez Heather McDonald and VP @simplynick41! 2/3dave meslin
Two years in a row, #TOcouncil is reducing the amount of bikelanes. As TO falls further behind, we need the bike union more than ever. 3/3dave meslin
About to #BikeTO in the rain. But that’s okay because I’m going to the @bikeunion AGM!Chris Drew
Rain’s let up just in time for the @bikeunion AGM at @csiTO Annex!Siva Vijenthira
At @bikeunion AGM. Great to be amongst my people. I’m home! Also, there was valet bike parking 🙂 #BikeTO Drew
Most ironically, on my way to the @bikeunion AGM in a taxi?!??! #BikeTO #TaxiTOSteph Guthrie
Packed house at our AGM! @csiTO #biketo Union
A great list to be on! @bikeunion volunteers! #BikeTO Drew
Also sad to miss @bikeunion AGM #toobusy #injurycity :(Lauren Simmons
Strength in numbers: the @bikeunion’s revenue from membership fees grew from $36K in ’10 to $75K in 2011! CC @simplynick416 #BikeTOChris Drew
Tonight’s the toronto Cyclist Unions AGM at @csiTO…great to see the cycling community coming together @bikeunion #bikeTOLynn Moffatt
Seems like there are almost as many candidates 4 the @bikeunion Board as the @oylorg exec. Thankfully, I’m only CRO for one 🙂 #BikeTO #OYLChris Drew
By my quick tally there are at least three people from my high school at the @bikeunion AGM. #blastfromthepast #chiggityrigDanny Brown
The @bikeunion aims to have 10,000 members by 2018. #BikeTOChris Drew
Love the pic inside @bikeunion 2011 Annual Report: #savejarvis! @kristynwongtam #TOcouncil #TOpoli #BikeTO Drew
@bikeunion AGM. 22 candidates, including me, running. Looks like a good bunch whomever is elected. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM Secretary gets the agenda and minutes approved, #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM President Heather MacDonald explains some by-law changes: signers, rates of membership. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
Great idea! @bikeunion proposing to amend its bylaws to allow for student and senior memberships! #cdnpse #TOpoli #BikeTOChris Drew
At the @bike union AGM great to see a large crowd….#bikeTO’Xander Labayen
At the @bikeunion meeting to vote against the idiotic proposal to remove "union" from the nameA. R. Arvelo McQuaig
@bikeunion AGM President Heather MacDonald talking about the name change motion. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM President Heather MacDonald announces that voting is open for another 25mins. Schwartz
Just cast my votes at the @bikeunion AGM. Great turn out. #BikeTOJake Tobin Garrett
Cast my vote for tonight’s AGM the future for a greater Toronto is looking positive…#bikeTO’Xander Labayen
At @BikeUnion AGM. Full crowd! Lots of energy and ideas #bikeTO
@bikeunion President Heather MacDonald is giving her farewell speech at the AGM, as she retires from the board.#BikeTOJoey Schwartz
The @bikeunion has a partnership with Culture Link. Ensuring cycling advocacy, access and #BikeTO encouragement is representative! #TOpoliChris Drew
Just voted to support @joedrew for @bikeunion BoD; thanks to ranked ballots I expressed my 2nd-22nd choices too! cc @TorontoRaBIT #BikeTOSteph Guthrie
@bikeunion MacDonald praised the membership and like-minded-folks participating in the Save Jarvis campaign.Joey Schwartz
Chair of the @bikeunion noting the support from residents that we received with our last #savejarvis ride. Another one is coming up! #BikeTOChris Drew
Briefly went to @bikeunion AGM to vote against name change, came home early to nurse my headache, watch Netflix, order panzarotti.Pamela Clark
@bikeunion AGM, Andie Garcia now talking about the union’s activities at City Hall. Separated bike lanes now on the agenda.#BikeTOJoey Schwartz
Andrea presenting her report on @bikeunion advocacy successes: trails info, capital budges for cycling infra. Downside: Jarvis. #BikeTOChris Drew
@bikeunion AGM Garcia talked about the decision to kill off the TO cycling Committee, and reduction of lanes. #BikeTO Schwartz
MT @Joeys4b: @bikeunion AGM, Andie Garcia now talking re the union’s activities @ City Hall. Separated bike lanes now on the agenda #BikeTOChris Drew
Andie mentioning work on the #savejarvis campaign: legal action, releasing data, Drivers for Jarvis. Now lobbying Prov for an EA #BikeTOChris Drew
@bikeunion AGM and heard great updates of last year of work. Also nervously anticipating results for Board of Directors positionsJean-FrançoisObregon
Large crowd @BikeUnion AGM.#BikeTOJoey Schwartz
Everything is up by 100 or 200 percent IE @bikeunion e-newsletter subscribers now at 7K! Bike registration reminders! #BikeTOChris Drew
@Bikeunion AGM Jared Kolb mentions that union has over 2500 members & the goal for 2018 is 10,000 members.#BikeTO Schwartz
A wonderful scene: @bikeunion members at the AGM! I’m just a regular voter tonight 🙂 #BikeTO #OYL Drew
@bikeunion AGM Kristin Schwartz (no relation), talked about Culturelink’s Bike Host program for immigrants #BikeTO Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM treasurer’s report that the union’s membership fees exceeded its grants. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM treasurer’s report new membership programs costs were high because of initial costs: I.T. Infrastructure.#BikeTOJoey Schwartz
#BikeTO AGM @ CSI Annex: Kristin Schwartz of CultureLink on BikeHost program to introduce immigrants to TO by bike! Brent
great work to the amazing team @bikeunion wish I were there tonight… congrats on membership numbers being uptonyasurman
@bikeunion AGM treasurer’s report the Trillium Foundation grant expires last year, but membership fees any list revenue: that’s a good thingJoey Schwartz
.@simplynick416 answering a question during the @bikeunion AGM financial report item. #BikeTO Drew
@bikeunion AGM new President Nick Cluley talks about the year ahead. #BikeTO Schwartz
.@simplynick416 giving a passionate speech on growing membership, capacity + resources of @bikeunion. Find a member! CC @samsmitiuch #BikeTOChris Drew
@bikeunion AGM approve new bylaws, and Cycle Toronto was approved as the union’s new name #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
The bike union is now Cycle Toronto! #bikeTOJoe Drew
The @BikeUnion is now officially Cycle Toronto. A name doesn’t matter as much as a membership that’s active and growing! #BikeTO #TOpoliChris Drew
Didn’t even consider that the @bikeunion AGM would have Bike Valet. I wasted valuable energy searching for a rare empty bike post. #BikeTOVal’s the gal
@bikeunion unites to become Cycle Toronto. Watch out for the new face of a great cycling city!! #cycleToronto’Xander Labayen
Toronto Cycling Union is now Cycle Toronto #biketoJean-FrançoisObregon
@bikeunion AGM adjournedJoey Schwartz
The @bikeunion has now officially changed its name to Cycle Toronto. Yay!! Meeting adjourned.Val’s the gal
@bikeunion has voted to change its name to Cycle Toronto #BikeTOJake Tobin Garrett
"Cycle Toronto" now competes with "8 – 80 Cities" for the title of Most Needlessly Confusing Rebrand of an Active Transportation Group.Jonathan Goldsbie
Cycle Toronto. Original! #bikeTOJustin Bernard
Toronto’s @bikeunion just voted to re-brand as Cycle Toronto. Let’s all get behind the new name + move forward. Democracy in action! #bikeTOdave meslin
Guess who won’t be renewing their @bikeunion membership? Disappointed in #bikeTO tonight.Pamela Clark
My @bikeunion sticker just doubled in value.Rich Lafferty
.@meslin @bikeunion I won’t get behind an organization that’s so needlessly hostile to unions (and thus progressives). They lost my supportA. R. Arvelo McQuaig
Cycle Toronto? Oh good, now I can run out and join! I was just too afraid of the word Union to do it before. Yeesh! #topoli #biketoMichael Miller
MT @meslin: @bikeunion just voted to re-brand as Cycle Toronto. Let’s get behind the new name + move fwd. Democracy in action! #bikeTOChris Drew
.@bikeunion is alienating more potential members by omitting "union" than by keeping it. How many cyclists are THAT appalled by unions?!!A. R. Arvelo McQuaig
Cycle Toronto the new social cycling group: re branding at it’s worst…How many members have you lost tonight? #BikeTOSharkDancing
How on EARTH did the @bikeunion name change get 2/3 vote? Did Ford Nation storm the room? Who are these people?A. R. Arvelo McQuaig
Great and energizing speech by incoming @bikeunion chair, @simplynick416 tonight at the AGM. Looking forward to a good year for #BikeTOJake Tobin Garrett
Anti-union cyclists are no friends of mine. Union first. #bikeTO second. #topoliNora Loreto
Also, "Cycle Toronto" is possibly the most insubstantial, nothing name for an advocacy group I’ve ever heard.Pamela Clark
MT @meslin: @bikeunion just voted to re-brand as Cycle Toronto. Let’s get behind the new name + move fwd. Via @chrisjamesdrew #bikeTOAutoShare
Hey, let’s start a new cycling org that actually fights for cyclists. We could call it "Toronto Cycling Union". @NoLore #bikeTO #topoliMichael Miller
Cycle Toronto’s Director of Advocacy@andiemgarcia at AGM GREAT turnout, great new name! #bikeTO Janiszewska
In other news… DMW decides to renew his membership now that technically, it is no longer a "Union". #bikeTOHiMY SYeD
I am sure there are many of us who will continue to refer to @bikeunion as the Bike Union just like I still call the Skydome the Skydome.Kali Solomon
Now this @bikeunion name change is tied with Rob Ford’s election as the most stupefying voting results I’ve ever heard ofA. R. Arvelo McQuaig
lulz #BikeTO "Cycle Toronto" now competes w/"8-80 Cities" for Most Needlessly Confusing Rebrand of Ac…Toronto Buzz
MT @meslin: Toronto’s @bikeunion just voted to re-brand as Cycle Toronto. Let’s all get behind the new name + move forward. #bikeTOmontyb
"Cycle Toronto"…ya well, fine, but you’re still the Bike Union to me #bikeTOStephen Gregory
.@bikeunion name change suggests that when the right tarnishes a word, no matter how cherished, it should be relinquished without a fightA. R. Arvelo McQuaig
This calls for a SHAAAAAME "@goldsbie: "Cycle Toronto" now competes w "8 – 80 Cities" for the title of Most Needlessly Confusing Rebrand…"victoria marshall
When you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, I guess? The word union has got right-wing venom, so @bikeunion bows down accordingly!A. R. Arvelo McQuaig
shame! “@vtoriaaa: This calls for a SHAAAAAME " #bikeTOAnthony Schein
The far-right use the word "cyclists" as an insult as much as "union" so maybe @bikeunion should reassess their mode of transportation?A. R. Arvelo McQuaig
@bikeunion after AGM get together at the 2nd floor Duke of York at Prince Arthur and Bedford. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@shawnmicallef I’m a member, I voted in proxy for Cycle Toronto. Though I didn’t get detail on options. Admittedly partially informed.Geoff King
It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against. Let’s transform Toronto together #biketoBike Union
.@meslin Hardly. @bikeunion just ensured I will never buy a membership, by pandering to right-wing union-bashing. #bikeTOAndrea Addario
I’m going to start a cyclists’ club, maybe call it the Toronto Velocipedestrians’ Society. Has a nice ring to it, no? #bikeTO #notaunioncarbonman
Sounds like a laundromat.@bikeunion It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against. Let’s transform Toronto together #biketogregory alan elliott
.@bikeunion – seriously, you leave such a bad taste w/this stupid decision. and i am exactly your target audience. #pandering #bikeTOAndrea Addario
"@bikeunion: It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against. Let’s transform Toronto together #biketo" – Congratulations!Shae Z
Cycle Toronto have fun riding the new Ford trails in the ravines…..getting there well….. might need a car or a cab #NoAdvocacy #BikeTOSharkDancing
Pretty disappointed by the vote in favour of changing the @bikeunion name in order to omit the word "union." Utterly ridiculous. #bikeTOC.N. Hubbarde
The more that progressives cede to/adopt conservative discourse, the more the ‘norm’ gets shifted further and further to the right. #bikeTOC.N. Hubbarde
It’s a sad day when conservative ideology concerning trade unions forces a cycling advocacy organization to change its name. #bikeTOkiwinerd
At the Duke of York wrapping up after the @bikeunion’s AGM. Come join us! #bikeTOJoe Drew
Cycle Toronto means nothing to me. #bikeTOkiwinerd
Branding with new strategy: congrats MT @bikeunion: It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against.Alliance4Bike&Walk
MT @bikeunion We’re now Cycle Toronto. #biketo Still think it sounds like a lame city council initiative that’d go nowhere.Aldric
@bikeunion What do you have to say to a founding life member who did not support the name change? Think carefully before responding.kiwinerd
MT @bikeunion It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. #biketo Let’s spend a years worth of membership fees on rebranding instead of advocacyAldric
@addarioandrea @bikeunion it was a vote by the membership. That’s just how democracy works. You don’t get everything you wantHerb
You can still call the Cycle Toronto the Cyclists Union. I still call "Rogers Centre" Skydome.Ryan Day
Couldn’t we all just agree on Commie Pinko Bike Jerks? #bikeunion #cycletorontoMonica Rooney
Left uplifted and inspired after Cycle Toronto’s AGM @bikeunion #CycleTorontoSteve Purificati
@arvelomcquaig @meslin @bikeunion For the record, as a fairly radical progressive I take no offence from the name change. #BikeTOKristin Whiteley
Bike Union is now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against. Interested in hearing why people voted for the change. #biketoHeather McGaw
Cycle Toronto sounds like a race or bike route and not so much like a group that advocates for cyclists. Rebranding is a bummer.lyndall musselman

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