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Transit Acupuncture & Urban Mobility -- By HiMY SYeD

Tr_ns_tC_ty -– Toronto’s Missing Urban Transit Strategy | Jane’s Walk Guided by HiMY SYeD

Date: Sunday, May 6, 2012

Start Time: 12:00 pm

Estimated Duration: 2.5 hours

Jane’s Walk Start Location: Finch Bus Terminal

(Front of Bicycle Parking Shelter beside Taxi Cab Stand, east of Yonge Street, on Bishop Avenue)

Tr_ns_tC_ty -– Toronto’s Missing Urban Transit Strategy

This is the second year for this Jane’s Walk. It will not be long in distance, it will however go long in depth of transit history and knowledge as we walk south.

Bring your questions, we’ll do our best to answer them…

Much has happened, and much has not happened, since last we walked down this stretch of Yonge Street talking Transit, Mobility, and Urban Strategy.

The name of this walk, Tr_ns_tC_ty—Toronto’s Missing Urban Transit Strategy, is derived from Former Mayor David Miller’s name for his plan of seven Light Rail Lines, Bus Rapid Transit, and Scarborough RT renewal, TransitCity.

However, in December 2010, newly elected Mayor Rob Ford upon being sworn into Office proclaimed TransitCity “Dead”, and immediately forged ahead with his campaign pledge to deliver subways. He named his plan Transportation City.

…or is it Tr_nsp_rt_t__n C_ty ?

On August 17 2011, following a 55 minute meeting with Mayor Rob Ford, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced, “New mayor, new deal.”

The arm-wrestling of who determines Transit Policy in and for Toronto, The Mayor’s Office or Toronto City Council or The Province of Ontario, has remained constant.

This Jane’s Walk will go in-depth in answering why we got ourselves into this much deep yogurt, and how we get out of it:

• Why 19th Century Toronto’s Streetcar Suburbs still work in the 21st Century
• History of the Toronto Transit Commission
• Mobility vs Transit – What’s the difference? Hint: Complete Corridors vs Complete Streets
• The planned 1972 Intermediate Capacity Transit System (ICTS) lines across Toronto
• Scarborough RT was the only ICTS completed line, opened in 1985
• TransitCity LRT plan would later utilize the same ICTS proposed routes
• What is an LRT ? ( It’s not a streetcar! )
• Why many people in Scarborough keep demanding Subways and will keep fighting against LRTs
• What is a Subway anyway? Why must they be underground?
• Who else is building Subways today?
• Network 2011 – The 1985 plan to build 3 new subway lines by the year 2011
• Why the Network 2011 Eglinton West Subway tunnel was really filled in by Premier Mike Harris
• Transit Policy Lurch of Provincial Conservative Governments, and Official Opposition: From Bill Davis to Mike Harris, and now Tim Hudak
• Who is Metrolinx? What is their role in all of this
• Difference between Capital and Operating budgets, spending, and shortfalls
• Interconnecting OR Integrating GO Transit, YRT/VIVA, Mississauga and The TTC?
• Why North York Centre as an in-fill subway station in-between Finch and Sheppard was necessary
• How Mayor Ford’s proposed in-fill Willowdale subway station, between Sheppard-Yonge and Bayview may transform that residential neighbourhood
• What’s Rockand Roll got to do with it!

We’ll begin our Jane’s Walk at the Finch Station Bus Terminal. We will end outside North York Centre Station in Mel Lastman Square.

Along the way we will lighten things up by touching upon:

• North York – The City with Heart
• Tehranto – Yonge Street from Sheppard to Richmond Hill
• North Koreatown – Tehranto’s neighbours
• Cemeteries as immovable anchors in urban planning
• The Role of Radio Station Q107 in North York’s Identity
• Importance of Ontario New Home Warranty Program, now known as TARION
• Why Toronto’s troubled A-La-Cart outdoor food vending stalls stalled
• Where to get the best congee

Attention TTC Riders, There has been a delay…

On March 25, 2010 The McGuinty Government delayed half of their $8.4 Billion Toronto transit capital funding commitment…

What if, citing Municipal in-fighting and Provincial deficit concerns, the money suddenly dries up? It’s happened before, what can we at the City of Toronto level do when it happens again?

For background on solutions to be shared during this Jane’s Walk, please watch the following video about Curitiba’s Trinary-BRT Corridor solution, recorded in Brazil in 2010:

By the end of this Jane’s Walk, you will come to understand why Yonge Street between Finch and Sheppard may in fact hold the missing pieces in Toronto’s Urban Transit Strategy.

Meeting Place:
Finch Bus Terminal, in Front of Bicycle Parking Shelter beside Taxi Cab Stand, east of Yonge Street, on Bishop Avenue
End Location:
Mel Lastman Square / North York Centre TTC Subway Station
Public Transit Directions:
TTC or YRT/VIVA to Finch Subway StationExit to YRT Bus Terminal Platform at Street Level on north side of Bishop Avenue
Fully accessible
Parking Available:
Street parking, Plaza and Green P Parking lots nearby

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