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VANCOUVER | Our Transportation Challenge: The Good, the Bad — And the Bike Lanes?

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“A Full House: Mayor John Tory’s Toronto Executive Committee to rubber stamp Metrolinx stealth takeover of TTC to pay for GO Transit capital” — Bob Brent

“This thread sums up Toronto’s general attitude towards bike lanes well.” — Zach Henderson

China’s Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) Rides Over Other Vehicles to Avoid Traffic

“A model of a Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) debuted at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, which concluded on Sunday.

“The TEB is a purely homegrown invention of China, with its passenger compartment sitting above other vehicles on the road below, allowing cars to pass underneath.

“The TEB is designed to increase the utilization of road space.

“With a carrying capacity of 1,200 people at a time, the TEB has the same functions as the subway while its cost of construction is less than one fifth of the subway.

“Its construction can be finished in one year,” said Bai Zhiming, the engineer in charge of the TEB project.

“Trial operations of such a bus will start in Qinhuangdao City, north China’s Hebei Province, in the second half of 2016.”


Latin America invented Bus Rapid Transit, initially in Curitiba, Brazil, followed up by BRT’s reinvention in Bogotá, Colombia.

Medellín, Colombia built upon prior art in using Ski Lift Gondolas as Public Transit lines, dubbed MetroCables, these go where buses could not navigate: into the Favelas.

Both BRT and MetroCables can provide Above-Ground Subway level passenger carrying capacity.

And while American Cities rush to re-embrace Streetcars and hop onto LRTs, The Chinese perhaps are leapfrogging us all with their new Transit Elevated Bus.









PodCampToronto 2016: Brad Ross (@bradTTC) – Managing Issues, Crises and Reputation on Twitter

PodCampToronto 2016:

Intermediate Social Media & Marketing Session

Speaker: Brad Ross (@bradTTC)

It is said that (mainstream) journalism is the “first rough draft of history.” Not anymore. Social media has forever changed how we communicate and view the world – it’s happening right now, in our time. Today.

A communications crisis – a tragic event, an ugly video or an ill-conceived tweet – will immediately be posted by someone, somewhere causing communications and PR types to quickly react. The details are often murky, the facts and context potentially wanting. Yet, an organization’s reputation may very well hinge on those early, online moments long before the first journalist calls to check the facts. What are communications and PR pros to do?

The Toronto Transit Commission is North America’s third largest transit system. The TTC and transit issues are part of the city’s daily news grind. Hear from Brad Ross, the TTC’s Chief Explainer and Messenger (officially, Executive Director – Corporate Communications) on his experiences and lessons learned from managing issues, crises and, ultimately, the reputation of the TTC online.

Key Take Aways

  • Openness, honesty and transparency are your friends
  • Be a person, not an entity
  • Answer @replies, even the nasty ones
  • Be the voice and feed the beast
  • Engage and embrace supporters

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TTC Townhall – Scarborough Civic Centre, Saturday June 9 2012

TTC Townhall – Scarborough Civic Centre, Saturday June 9 2012

The Toronto Transit Commission held a townhall in the Scarborough Civic Centre on Saturday June 9th 2012. Here’s what’s transpired…

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Coming up Saturday: Share your thoughts at our next #TTC Town Hall, June 9, 1-3pm, Scarborough Civic Centre. Join in on twitter #TTCtownhallMilly Bernal
Looking forward to moderating the next #TTCtownhall June 9 at Scarborough Civic Centre. Looking for great ideas! 12:30-3pm #TTCRoanne Argyle
Via Inside #Toronto, more on Saturday’s Scarborough #TTCtownhall. Follow @jkozuch for livetweeting. #TTC–ttc-townhall-meeting-set-for-scarboroughKaren Stintz TTCteam
Heads up, Twitter: I’ll be live-tweeting the #ttctownhall on Saturday from 12:30-3pm. Expect a large volume of tweets during this time.Justin Kozuch
Have a #TTC question/concern? The next #ttctownhall is Saturday June 9th at the Scarborough Civic Centre, 12:30-3pm: Kozuch
If you can’t make it, you can also ask your #TTC-related question via Twitter using the #ttctownhall hashtag.Justin Kozuch
TTC is holding its next town hall, tomorrow, at Scarborough Civic Centre, 12:30-3 pm. Take the SRT to Scarborough Centre Stn. #TTCtownhallBrad Ross
MT @bradTTC: TTC is holding its next town hall, tomorrow, at Scarborough Civic Centre, 12:30-3 pm. #TTCtownhallScarborough Hospital
“@bradTTC: TTC is holding its next town hall, tomorrow, at Scarborough Civic Centre 12:30 #TTCtownhall” leave at 7am if coming from downtownAndrew Rains
Tomorrow Sat Jun 9: #TTC Town Hall at Scarborough Civic Centre, 12:30-3pm. Join in on twitter #TTCtownhall. Bring ur ideas/concerns.Milly Bernal
#TTC ‘town hall’ meeting set for #Scarborough Civic Centre tomorrow. #TTCtownhall #ScarbTOScarborough Mirror
Reminder: I’ll be live-tweeting tomorrow’s #TTCtownhall. Expect a heavier than normal volume of tweets between 12:30 and 3pm.Justin Kozuch
Have a question for the #TTC? The #TTCtownhall will be held at the Scarborough Civic Centre ( from 12:30-3pm tomorrow.Justin Kozuch
If you can’t make it, tweet your question/complaint/compliment using the #TTCtownhall hashtag. The #TTC would like to hear from you.Justin Kozuch
FYI #Ward36 MT "@jkozuch: Have a question for #TTC? #TTCtownhall will be held at Scar.Civic Centre 12:30-3pm tomorrow"Marvin Macaraig
Come share your thoughts about the TTC today. Our town hall is from 12:30-3 at the Scarborough Civic Centre. #TTCtownhallBrad Ross
#TTCtownhall meeting at 12:30pm today @ Scarborough Civic CentreIrene Preklet
Reminder: I’ll be live tweeting #TTCtownhall today between 12:30-3pm. Expect a high volume of tweets during this period.Justin Kozuch
Come out to the Scarborough Civic Centre ( today at 12:30 to share your thoughts about the #TTC. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
If you have a #TTC complaint, question or compliment, please tag it with #TTCtownhall so that it can be addressed. Thank you!Justin Kozuch
Am I such a transit geek that I’d travel to Scarborough for the #TTCtownhall ? Yes. Yes, I am. …I should leave now then. #905residentMichael Liew
Getting ready for #TTCtownhall. QA session – and coverage – starts in 30 minutes. (@ Scarborough Civic Centre) Kozuch
Coverage of #TTCtownhall will be kicking off in about 10 minutes. Feel free to mute me; there will be a high level of tweets starting soon.Justin Kozuch
Representing the TTC: Brad Ross, Director of Corporate Communications; Karen Stintz, TTC Chair; Andy Byford, CEO. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Also representing the TTC today is Chris Upfold, Chief Customer Service Officer. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
You can find TTC management on Twitter: @bradTTC (Brad Ross); @ttcchair (Karen Stintz); and @TTCChris (Chris Upfold). #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
I’ll be using the initials of TTC management instead of full names to save on character space. Breakdown coming up next. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Brad Ross: BR>. Karen Stintz: KS>. Andy Byford: AB>. Chris Upfold: CU>. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Moderating today’s town hall is Roanne Argyle (@roannea) from @ArgylePR. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Roanne’s initials: RA>. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Coverage will be getting underway shortly. Stay tuned! #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
A light crowd as we get ready to go. #TTCtownhall Kozuch
@sglepage My pleasure! If you have any #TTC concerns, we’ll be monitoring Twitter during the event. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
People are starting to file in to the council chambers now. We’ll be getting underway in a few moments. #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
Love to see the turnout at #TTCtownhall: Kozuch
KS>: "Thank you for coming out today. What we want to do is bring the TTC out to the community." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
"We want to find out what works well, what doesn’t and how to improve upon things." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Any customer service organization’s performance depends on the quality of the relationship with it’s customers." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Roxanne Argyle from @ArgylePR kicking off #ttctownhall: Kozuch
RA>: "Through dialogue, we hope to share some points of wisdom and great ideas to meet our objectives." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Think about how we can improve the customer experience on the TTC, and please share those ideas with us." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Andy Byford up now to give us a few updates. "I’m accountable for the service at the TTC, day in and day out." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "It’s certainly a privilege to be the CEO of the TTC. There’s a lot more to do and there’s more we need to do to improve." #TTCtownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "To truly modernize the company, and made you feel valued as customers… it is going to take 5 years." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch #ttctownhall question: why weren’t streetcars put in on busy bus lines before LRT? Will they be put in anywhere to ease crowding?Joe Drew
AB>: "We’re clear on what we need to achieve, and we are putting together a strategic plan to achieve this." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "It goes way beyond the horizon. Working with Metrolinx to get LRT extensions on the way. New streetcars, smart card." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "I want it to be way more than just new vehicles. You have to feel that our transit system gives you value for money." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Today, it’s all about listening to you. We’re not always right, we want to know where we can do better." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Up now: Chris Upfold (@TTCchris), Chief Customer Service Officer at the TTC. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Lots of passion about the TTC in Toronto." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "At last townhall, 400 Twitter interactions. 40 comment cards. All responded to in 48hrs/15 days, respectively." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "New KPI’s in place: punctuality, reliability, service, safety." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "New hours and response times for Customer Service. Washroom refurb. Presto Smartcard. Continued customer engagement." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Roll out of customer info screens in stations, request stop changes." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Part one of townhall: Service delivery. Questions about routes, schedules, fares." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
RA>: "Part Two: Customer Experience. Questions about stations, vehicles, info and comms, future improvements." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Open mic starting now. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Rizwan: "We don’t have a bus timetable. Also, riders block the door. What are you doing to educate the riders, and steps?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Rizwan: "Cleanliness. People spill coffee and don’t clean it up. I don’t know how to educate these riders." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"I don’t know where we stand technology wise. In Scotland, every bus has a billboard to show when the next bus is coming." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Rizwan: "The 91 bus route doesn’t have a schedule for riders. People don’t know when the bus is coming." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Michael: "Surface rail is inefficient, especially streetcars. Bus travels faster than streetcar, even in traffic." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Probability of bunching with buses is much less than streetcars. Buses only stop at one of three stops." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Solution is more buses, and would not have been a bad idea to build the Sheppard subway." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Replace all the LRT with one subway route. What we need is one additional subway, not 5. We need more buses." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"More buses. Prov should not fund capital at higher rate than operating. They should give the city money and let them decide." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"New trains – please replace the tinted windows with clear windows. Buses are a good way to go." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Survey of room: Almost the entire room rides the subway once a week. Almost half have access to a car. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
The #ttctownhall stream is so depressing that I actually want to do homework.Kevin Menzel
Senior citizen recalls story of an injury on TTC. Stood up to ring bell, fell over. Concerned about safety for seniors on TTC. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhall how about we try a full citywide ban on outdoor advertising with the exception of #TTC infrastructure to fund the TTC?Erich Nolan Bertussi
"I’d like to see more care given to seniors, we have no chance to sit (on vehicles)." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Want to share an idea or concern about the TTC? Town hall under way now at Scarborough Civic Centre. Use #TTCtownhallBrad Ross
Atta: "Why do we still use paper transfers? It’s an archaic system. Other cities use electronic systems." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Maybe establish a uPass system, like in Edmonton. I don’t have to buy a pass for the Edmonton system. Included in my fees." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"We’ve been in Canada for 6 months. Applied for Wheeltrans, but declined. I don’t have a sense of orientation or balance." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Several times, we’ve almost fallen onto the tracks at the TTC station. Without the help of others, we wouldn’t be here today." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"I have come here to ask for a fundamental policy change, because with such policies, our safety is in danger." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"I’m confused as to why the response from Wheeltrans re: such impairment has been so negative." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch You are in Scarborough. I can tell. Poll the audience. Bet you 10 bucks they’re all drivers! #ttctownhallWendy Baskerville
"Revise the policy so that people who are vision-impaired are better catered to." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Is there realistic training for employees, given the increasingly crowded stations and subway trains?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#TTCtownhall TTC should get double decker busses for busy routes- increase capacity without increasing costs, more pax to one driver.Eddie Ho
@jkozuch Point out the distance between subway stops vs the distance between LRT stops. #ttctownhallWendy Baskerville
Speaker on behalf of the Chinese Seniors Association: "Did a survey among Chinese seniors. Since 1973, fare for seniors +40%". #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@bradTTC Implementation of cellphone in subway should be sped up. No reason why so long. Networks will be happy to speed up #TTCtownhallEddie Ho
@bradTTC #TTCtownhall would love 2 c some enforcement for smoking on ttc property as well as for fare jumpers!!tkm222
"Seniors at home are isolated because they can’t afford TTC fares. This leads to an increase in funding req’s." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Calgary charges seniors $15 a year for transit use. Vancouver, $45 per year. Ottawa provides free service on Mon/Wed/Fri." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch Wheel trans has become quite heartless. Won’t transport the blind either. WTF #ttctownhallWendy Baskerville
"Let’s do a pilot program for free fares for seniors. We have alot of data and 3,000 signatures on a petition." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Joseph: "Will Presto be on the new articulated buses? Will they be on the back doors?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Helga: "We need more bus shelters. We need city to clean snow at bus shelters. Buses need to follow schedule. 124 always late." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Why don’t we have mini-buses in the evening? For routes with less service in the evening, use taxis like in Sudbury." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Richard: "What’s being done to minimize the impact construction has on tourism, like during the CNE or other events?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Deana: "My question is about my right to a seat. Under what kind of circumstances do I need to submit my seat?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
The panel will now answer questions. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Surface route inefficiency: Don’t get confused about what’s being proposed for building. Streetcars are not LRT." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "What you’re getting here (in Scarborough) are LRT. They carry more people than a bus or a streetcar." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "In terms of efficiency, an LRT is the way to go if you can’t meet the requirements for a subway." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "We are going to have Presto scanners in buses/streetcars, and there will be all-door boarding. Quicker boarding." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "We are looking to get articulated buses into the TTC fleet." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Events and construction: We try to coordinate with the city. We’re not great, but we are trying to get better at it." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Customer information: Agree that its lacking, and we have a plan on how to address. Smartphone info coming soon." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "We are putting together a plan to roll out information to stops as well." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "Presto allows us to do different things like time-based transfer, discounts, concessions for seniors, etc." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
CU>: "We want to make sure we have a good fare system." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Raj: "On the 190, new driver late by 7 mins. We don’t know what’s going on, where the driver is?" Wants more info. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"The TTC can do far better with their time." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Customer accused of stealing TTC maps, lying in box on the floor. On another occasion, driver ignored customer call for stop. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Daniel: "Have some express buses that only stop at major intersections. Moves people and gives them a choice." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Keeps buses moving and eliminates short turns." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Give people the choice to think about where they want to go." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Harry: "TTC phone #, this should be a 1-800 number. Kennedy Station, still single doors near the bus exits." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch #ttctownhall it’s all about accountability and seems to be lack of it there.Diana Pronosher
"Also, street names should on all bus shelters so that riders will know when they should get out." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch #ttctownhall Need an express bus on Eglinton E 34Diana Pronosher
"Shelters should not be facing west, as most of our weather systems/prevailing winds come from the west." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@jkozuch #ttctownhall because still need a driver and labour is TTC biggest costDiana Pronosher
Veronica: "Discontinue the Royal Taxis. I took 3 rides and I thought I wouldn’t get home alive. Only one guy was OK." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Drivers smoke at Donlands "@tkm222: @bradTTC #TTCtownhall would love 2 c some enforcement for smoking on ttc property and fare jumpers!!"Diana Pronosher
@jkozuch I wonder if there is a way to have shelters with movable walls to keep up with changing winds #ttctownhallReggy
Angelo: "I see lots of empty buses. There are routes that don’t need to run every 30 or so minutes. Maybe 40-45 minutes?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Angelo: "A Rocket Route should be crosstown. From East to West, or North to South on one express bus." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Bring back the printed schedules, and have them at the stations that feed into bus routes." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Heads up: I cannot ask questions at #ttctownhall. However, please tweet your TTC questions and we’ll pick it up and address it. Thanks! :)Justin Kozuch
"Operator courtesy: I find that operators don’t give enough notice of short turns. I wish they would let us know earlier." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"I find some drivers don’t consider accessibility needs of passengers. They need to take these into consideration." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Drivers sometimes don’t help customers who have mobility issues. Other customers do." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
It would be great if platform NVAS displays included short-turn info ie train to St Clair West 2mins, train to Downsview 5mins #TTCtownhallDan Cottom
Andrew: "Could you empower your drives to make decisions about short turning? Or maybe running express for a while?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Drivers risk being hurt. "@jkozuch: "Drivers sometimes don’t help customers who have mobility issues. Other customers do." #ttctownhall"Diana Pronosher
Andrew: "Thank you for the initiative to clean subway cars at the end of the line. More Finch East express service." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Andrew: "Would like to see a network of routes that go across the city. For nearsighted people, different bus colour." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Andrew: "An S-Font or RER service. Electrified service, makes routes faster, but it’s expensive." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
more seating at stations such as the Pape subway stop#ttctownhallColm
The TTC shouldn’t use bikelanes as place to store stuff like new streetcar rails#ttctownhall#biketoColm
The TTC shouldn’t use bikelanes as place to store stuff like new streetcar rails #ttctownhall #biketoColm
Emily: "I would like to see the TTC employ more people with disabilities." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
+1 MT @jkozuch Emily: "I would like to see the #Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) employ more people with disabilities." #ttctownhallJennison Asuncion
Evars (?): "Why does it take 3 hours to get to a job at 6am using the 35 route, but only 20 minutes by car?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@fragileheart Got it. We’ll be answering that one shortly! Thanks for the question, Reg. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Agree. Ticket Booth a good place to start.@jkozuch Emily: "I would like to see the TTC employ more people with disabilities." #ttctownhallgregory alan elliott
"How do people find out about the TTC town halls? I didn’t know about it until 30 minutes before it began." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
With Andy Byford, @ttcchris, Staff & Customers at Scarborough #TTC Town Hall. Tweet Q’s & comments to #TTCtownhall. Stintz TTCteam
"I’ve also noticed the 131 bus is always empty. Also, what can be done about vehicles with nothing to hold on to?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Same as last one. "@jkozuch: "How do people find out about the TTC town halls? I didn’t know about it until 30 minutes before #ttctownhall"Diana Pronosher
"Drivers should check student ID’s. Too easy to cheat the system." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Drivers should tell riders if there is something going – short turns." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Maybe playing some music on the early buses. Music has a positive psychological effect on people." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@Jennison @jkozuch #Toronto #ttctownhall I just want to see the best person for the job do it.Diana Pronosher
Larry: "An elevated railway going up the DVP. Also, a single lane going up Yonge to Steeles for the 97 bus." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Articulated buses: Major problem in winter." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
#ttctownhall question: why weren’t streetcars put in on busy bus lines like finch before LRT? Will they be put in anywhere to ease crowding?Joe Drew
Drivers avoiding getting hurt "@jkozuch: "Drivers sometimes don’t help customers who have mobility issues. Other customers do." #ttctownhallDiana Pronosher
"Getting information out: use the community newspapers. Scarborough has a number of them." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"Have a sign outside/inside bus, ‘access in progress’ for those with mobility devices who are boarding the bus." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
Michael: "When streetcars go in, there will be less cars on the road. This will impact frequent service. Buses are better." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@wendywashere @bradttc #ttctownhall what will he do about it? Brad works in officeDiana Pronosher
"Full modernization not necessary. We don’t need to know when the buses are coming. We need more buses." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
(This will be the last question before going to panel and wrapping up.) #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
"If feedback is important to you, why am I not getting a response to the feedback I’m offering?" #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
To the panel. #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@TTCchair @ttcchris: can there be better integration of the TTC with the 905? E.g. Via Presto, better schedules, mobility hubs? #TTCtownhallDennis Yip
AB>: "This is really good stuff. One thing that came through: short turns. It’s unforgivable if operators can’t tell you why." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "Customers waiting for buses for a long time: this is not acceptable. " #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
AB>: "We will go through all this stuff, categorize it. We owe you the courtesy of a response because you’ve come here today." #ttctownhallJustin Kozuch
@bradTTC #TTCtownhall Please train your bus drivers how to properly calculate the stopping distance.Ruslana
And that’s it! #ttctownhall is wrap. Thanks for tuning in and for all your comments.Justin Kozuch
@bradTTC #TTCtownhall Most of your bus drivers drive like they just robbed a bank and are trying to get away.Ruslana
@jkozuch Great live-tweeting of #ttctownhall! Only travel kept me from being there. Your tweets are next-best thing!Daniel Tisch APR
Enjoyed moderating today’s #ttctownhall. Great comments & ideas to improve the #TTC experience. Thx Scarborough!Roanne Argyle
When will Presto be rolled out to all the stations and/or vehicles? #TTCtownhallBecky

#TOTownHalls – Toronto Town Hall Transit Debate — Where to build first: low-income or high density?

#TOTownHalls – Toronto Town Hall Transit Debate — Where to build first: low-income or high density?

Toronto Town Hall Transit Debate — Where to build first: low-income or high density?Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012.Time: 6:30-8:30pmPlace: 918 Bathurst, Toronto, ON

Storified by HiMY SYeD · Thu, May 31 2012 17:22:13

#totownhall @womenspost bessey

The big question is not subways, LRTs or helicopters, but who needs a ride? Who needs and uses public transportation in Toronto? Come hear, discuss, and help decide: Who needs it more, high density or low-income neighbourhoods? Where do we build and expand our transit? What will it cost us to do nothing? – OR expand it in the wrong place?


Please join host Sarah Thomson (Publisher, Women’s Post & former mayoral candidate, 2010) with Adam Giambrone, Marcus Gee (Globe and Mail), and Councillor Joe Mihevc in this exciting discussion. We look forward to your thoughts and opinions. Make a difference. Get involved.


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012.
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Place: 918 Bathurst, Toronto, ON


Admission is free, but seating is limited. To reserve your spot please e-mail today.

This is an opportunity for you to support local charities Eva’s Initiatives, Food Forward, and RaBIT. Donations will be accepted at the door.

Hope you can make our #TOTownHall discussion this Wed. night with @marcusbgee @joemihevc @adam_giambrone details here: Thomson
@amirightfolks 😉 Sorry I’ll miss #WiTOpoli tomorrow but moderating #totownhalls on transit drop in if you can details Thomson
double header tomorrow #totownhalls 918 Bathurst + @amirightfolks #wiTOpoli @ 720 Bathurst details: #topoli #onpoliSarah Thomson
Bathurst St. is place to be tonight with #WiTOpoli event + #totownhalls event #topoliSarah Thomson
#totownhalls #transit event tonight live on join the conversation #topoli #drlSarah Thomson
Even Giambrone was ID’d at the door of #totownhalls tonight. Looking forward to an intimate and constructive meeting.Matthew Baggetta
At #totownhalls. 918 bathurst. Talking about subway and where to build. Join us! #topoli #ttcNovina Wong
follow along with us on youstream #totownhallsTashika Gomes
If we have a strong dedicated funding stream; what kind of transit would be best for Toronto: subway or light rail transit? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
At #totownhalls event on #TOtransit with @joemihevc, @Adam_Giambrone and @marcusbgee, moderated by Sarah ThompsonDan Minkin
@adam_giambrone: Of course people like subway; if you can afford them, subways are the best form. #TOTownhalls – TTSarah Thomson
joe mihevc makes funny ref to song "if i had a million dollars" ref to $ needed for ttc #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@joemihevc: You can build 2km of subway or 19 km of LRT. SO it depends what you’re trying to accomplish #TOTownhalls #TOPoliSarah Thomson
joe mihevc #totownhalls "we need to buy at least 100 buses to meet current needs"Tashika Gomes
@joemihevc: But Right now we need to buy 100 buses to meet demands. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #ttcSarah Thomson
@marcusbgee: We need to be thinking about the type of city we want to build before we decide what kind of transit we need. #TOTownhalls…Sarah Thomson
adam giambrone "we need to think very carefully about the type of city we want to build" #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@marcusbgee: Subway is expansive to maintain. Subway trains need to be replaced every 35 years. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@adam_giambrone: Sheppard subway tells us that density doesn’t increase just because a subway line is going there. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli…Sarah Thomson
Expending transit will help economy + relief congestions. But shouldn’t we build subways at low income area to serve ppl? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@adam_giambrone: In Europe, they think transit is an anti-poverty way to bring people into community #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
sarah thomson " should we build in low income or high density? #totownhallsTashika Gomes
Join us at our discussion tonight at #TOTownhalls: Topic: Where to build first: high priority or high density? #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@adam_giambrone: We need to look at our system as a network. Most people come from somewhere else to downtown #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
joe mihevc – we should build both #totownhallsTashika Gomes
marcus gee- #totownhalls supports downtown relief line Gomes
Some minor technical difficulties but we are now livestreaming at #TOTownhalls’s Post
@ThomsonTO Have you ever been on it during rush hour? I find your logic is flawed because it’s partially completed #topoli #TOTownhallsCrispin Black
@ThomsonTO: unite city around city subway loop, stop calling it downtown relief line #TOTownhalls #transit #tocouncil’s Post
@crispin_black we are here at #TOTownhalls. On the panel are @marcusbgee @adam_giambrone and @joemihevc #TOPoliSarah Thomson
We are taking questions via Twitter if you can’t be here tonight or are too shy to take the mic #TOTownhalls what would you like to ask?Women’s Post
@joemihevc: Metrolinx has a very good plan, but the plan costs $50bil. Where is the money coming from? #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
How does one talk about the vehicle one wants before talking about the service it should provide? Cart meet Horse #totownhallsKevin Richardson
We are taking question from twitter for the panelists. Where to build transit: high priority vs. high density. #ToTownhalls #TOPoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@joemihevc discusses increased capacity of new subway cars. Good investment. #TOTownhalls #transit #TTC’s Post
Unfortunately livestream is having technical difficulties but we will be posting videos on #TOTownhallsWomen’s Post
sarah thomson #totownhalls "do you think we need to create a toll etc or is there another way to fund ttc?"Tashika Gomes
@joemihevc: need to explore relationship btwn GO and #Toronto better. GO should be for infra 416 travel, not just suburbs-city #totownhallsDan Minkin
Rob Ford has now found the money he promised. Should we find other fund streams, tolls, sales tax, or something else? #TOTownhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
joe mihevc- we need to say yes to everything… :/ wonder how that will fly with the rest of T.Dot? what do you think? #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@joemihevc: A few years ago I talked about toll lanes as source of fundings, that’s not happening anymore #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@Adam_Giambrone: if we build it and they come, have to consider increased subsidies for their ridership #TOTownhalls’s Post
@adam_giambrone: Every rider on the TTC has $1 subsidence. so at a 500 million budget, we need 200 million extra #TTC #TOpoli #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
adam- "joe is absolutely right" what do you think… is TO ready for tolls? #totownhallsTashika Gomes
Will a transit sales tax in Toronto move shoppers into the 905? #TOTownhallsKevin Richardson
@KORichardson #TOTownhalls won’t rampant traffic do the same?Ωmega Man
sarah thomson pleased with panel responses #totownhalls flashes wide smile.Tashika Gomes
@joemihevc: We have to be in concert with 905. If no sales tax, gas tax in 905, should Toronto do it? Prob not! #ToTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
joe mihevc- we need a national transit strategy #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@joemihevc: Congestion’s going to cost us $16 billion in 20 years if we don’t fix it. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTC #onpoliSarah Thomson
@marcusgee: conversation had changed. Columnists increasingly talking about need for tolls #TOTownhalls #tocouncil’s Post
@joemihevc: in referenda in the US, both red and blue states, ppl vote consistently for taxes to support transit. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@OMEGAM4N you could just create a Detroit-like donut/‘burbs with a dead core. Just saying a tax might have to be regional #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
marcus gee- agrees that the conversation HAS changed bc of worsening congestion- ppl realize"something is wrong here" #totownhallsTashika Gomes
#TOTownhalls @ThomsonTO @joemihevc @Adam_Giambrone Glavić
@marcusbgee: The Mayor and a lot of his supporters are starting to talk about tolls and other fund source #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
great to have a panel with a sense of humour #totownhalls :)Tashika Gomes
LA had the worst gridlock (we’d since taken over). They have private citizens campaign for sales tax into transit funding #TOTownhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
How does Toronto Transit advocacy move from preaching to the choir to getting the ‘burbs/905 onside? #TOTownhallsKevin Richardson
@joemihevc: there will be no new revenue tools until civic society asks for it to be so #TOTownhalls #tocouncil #ttc’s Post
@joemihevc: let’s make it a rational conversation and stop just screaming for subways #TOTownhalls #tocouncil #ttcWomen’s Post
@joemihevc: We have to stop saying "Subway subway subway, no tax no tax no tax" #TOPoli #TOTOwnhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
@marcusbgee: in 2000, @iamdavidmiller got pounced on by @johntoryshow for mentioning tolls. Now ppl realize it may be needed #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
Question from audience: Is it possible to develop a master plans of transit that exist above political structure? #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@KORichardson #ToTownhalls hello greater toronto services board.Ωmega Man
Should a transit plan designed today survive 50 years from now? Shouldn’t we have a mechanism to adjust to changing times? #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
@adam_giambrone: TransitCity survived through; but funding ideas come and go. We should plan today for 2020. #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
charles-is it possible for us to band together beyond political and come up with a solution for our city? #totownhalls Gomes
Also, @joemihevc promises to have that discussion at @wychwoodbarns. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@joemihevc: There can’t be a plan above politics. Absolutely not! Best way to make politician fall in line is informed public #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
Broad public support is what will ensure transit plans survive administration changes #TOTownhalls #tocouncil #ttcWomen’s Post
@ThomsonTO does that mean Toronto has to get that bad before it is FORCED into its LA moment? #TOTownhalls #TTCKevin Richardson
haha ‘stub-ways’ #totownhalls – marcusTashika Gomes
We need to set up dedicated funding. It’s difficult to start it, but once starte,d no one will get rid of #TOTownhalls.#TTC #TOpoliSarah Thomson
Toronto has the worst gridlock problem in all of North America. #ToTownHallKailah
sarah thomson says we need to have a "sunset clause" in order to get funding. #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@adam_giambrone: It’s also abt giving the people a right to govern themselves & doesn’t require provincial/ federal gvt to act #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@ThomsonTO the problem with a dedicated tax is getting residents to believe that the funds will go where they are supposed #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
Does Toronto have a vision problem when it comes to fixing transit issues? #TOTownHallsKailah
darlene, a cyclist, asks-"where is the vision of the future that i can be confident and excited about" #totownhallsTashika Gomes
Q’s fr audience: Reason why people don’t talk abt transit issues, is bcoz there are many areas lacking community. How to change? #TOTownhallSarah Thomson
#TOTownhalls must be getting close to trending …the trolls are coming outSarah Lambert
@adam_giambrone: We need better leadership. We had ppl from Finch W BIA and community voted b/t LRT and subway few years ago #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
adam- we need good leadership and for the community to get involved #totownhallsTashika Gomes
By positioning LRT as “reasonably priced” instead of “best for the area,” people THINK they are getting 2nd best transit #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
@Adam_Giambrone: it’s going to take political risks to get the funding we need. Public buy-in will come later #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #ttcWomen’s Post
@marcusbgee: People love subway. But are we willing to pay for it…? #ToTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
Are subways better? That’s like saying motorcycles are better than cars? where do you put car seat;) #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
#TOTownhalls Do we not have to have the infrastructure in place to accommodate the growth in ridership?Crispin Black
Aud member: you asked what I’d have for Christmas if I could have anything, I want @ThomsonTO for mayor #TOTownhalls’s Post
#totownhalls How can the public be convinced of LRTs when both harbourfront and spadina, now streetcars, were considered LRT in the past?Matthew Baggetta
Q from Audience: How do we build pro-subway people and pro-LRT people together…? #ToTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
Ques to the panel from avid transit user- every plan has good and bad, how do we find a solution? we need something… #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@joemihevc: You make ppl think in budget. $1Bil: Would you want 2 subway station fr Don MIll to vic park? Or the whole line? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@ThomsonTO We do it by electing more David Millers and fewer Rob Fords. #totownhalls #topoli #ttc #torpoliJames Ryan
@mattbagetta: I work on spadina and personally like the spadina streetcar line. It’s fast+frequent. #TOTownhalls.Novina Wong
Wanna inspire Toronto about transit? Stop telling them that LRT is inferior to subways. People don’t rally behind second best. #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
L to R: @marcusbgee, @joemihevc, @adam_giambrone, and @ThomsonTO at #totownhalls Minkin
Fr Audience: We need transparency and strategic management reviews, not funding reviews! How to get out of these BS? #ToTownhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
@adam_giambrone: It’s about implementation and seeing it through, hence strong leadership! #TOTownhalls #TOPoli #TTCSarah Thomson
Have you got a question for our #TOTownhalls panelists? Tweet at us and we’ll ask for you!Women’s Post
@Adam_Giambrone: ppl criticize #TTC but internat’l evaluators put it in top 2 systems for lowest cost per rider or per km. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@joemihevc: In the past year, people are starting to reconnect with their love of the city. #ToTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: if we’d had this mtg a year ago you’d have seen much more depressed Joe Mihevc. But lots has happened this year… #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
Don’t forget to support Eva’s Initatives, @TorontoRaBIT and @pushFoodForward with a donation at door #TOTownhalls’s Post
Fr Audience: Toronto is a cashcow for rest of country & we don’t get enough b\k, how to convince fed gvmt tht we’re important? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: … #tocouncil made its finest decision on the LRT for Eglinton, Finch and Sheppard. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@joemihevc: national transit strategy hasn’t happened here, and every mature industrial country has one! #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
tweet your questions @ #totownhallsTashika Gomes
#TOTownhalls I think we need to put petty political differences aside & do what’s best for this city. It’s not about ford or millerCrispin Black
@joemihevc: there’s a bill in parl from @oliviachow for a national transit strategy. We shod get behind that, build momentum. #TOTownhallsDan Minkin
@marcusbgee: The province gave us $8bil for Eglin. line and fr fed Union revitalize. We’re on our own for this one #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@ThomsonTO @joemihevc while true, just because we should have a national transit policy, does it mean we’ll get one? #ToTownhallsKevin Richardson
Fr. Twitter: Why is Scarborough not getting any transit expansions? #TOTownhalls #TopoliSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: Currently half the funding is going to go to Scarborough. Scarborough will catch up&they deserve it #TOtownhalls #TTCSarah Thomson
Adam: we need rapid transit corridors across this city. #TOTownHallsKailah
Fr Audience: How can we incrase attractiveness of buses? #TOTownhalls #Topoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: Some buses are half emptied Sun Afternoon. Yes they are, but that’s the price of servicing the system #TOpoli #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@joemihevc #totownhalls you do not have to go to south America to see BRT. Most successful BRT around is in Ottawa. York Region is bldg BRTTom Middlebrook
Thank you to our sponsors for supporting this great discussion! #TOTownhalls’s Post
"Latte crowds, Tim Hortons crowds, 416 country, 905 Country…." #Torontoterms #TOTownHallsKailah
Fr Audience: What happens if Eglington’s density becomes so great in the future and we need to replace LRT with subway…? #TOTownhallsSarah Thomson
@joemihevc: Supposed we can redig holes to adjust, but we match transit& street planning, so we have many generations to grow #TOTOwnhallsSarah Thomson
Thank you for coming, tweeting and participating. This is how we grow. 😉 #TOTownhalls #Topoli #TTCSarah Thomson
@ThomsonTO closes off a fantastic #TOTownhalls discussion’s Post
And that’s a Wrap! #totownhalls until…next time :)Tashika Gomes
Talk to your neighbours, talk to your friends! Please talk about the NEEDS to fund transit! #TOTownhalls #TOpoli #TTCSarah Thomson
Thank you to panelists @Adam_Giambrone @marcusbgee and @joemihevc #TOTownhallsWomen’s Post
if you missed tonight’s townhall check out the #womenspost for a briefing, highlights and updates on #totownhalls Gomes
"Forward Together"-quote of the night. #totownhallsTashika Gomes
@womenspost @marcusbgee @joemihevc #TOTownhalls Thanks for the opportunity to participate, I really enjoyed!Adam Giambrone
VIDEO: Curitiba Brazil’s Trinary BRT Bus Rapid Transit System. Lessons+Inspiration for Toronto’s #TTC. #TOTownhalls — SYeD

TTCchat Tuesday May 15 2012

TTCchat Tuesday May 15 2012

The Toronto Transit Commission held its first ever Twitter Chat on Tuesday Evening May 15 2012 between 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. It was hosted by TTC spokesperson Brad Ross and TTC’s Chief Customer Officer Chris Upfeld.Following is a chronological ordering of tweets using the #TTCchat hashtag.

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Join me and @TTCchris for the #TTC’s first Twitter chat next Tuesday, May 15. We’ll be online from 7-8:30 p.m. Use the hashtag #TTCchatBrad Ross
@bradTTC @TTCchris #TTC #TTCchat Please continue to spread the word that there are some of us drivers who truly care about the jobs we do!Tracey Brown
Join @bradTTC and @TTCchris for the #TTC’s first Twitter chat next Tuesday, May 15 from 7-8:30 p.m. Use the hashtag #TTCchatOfficial TTC Tweets
@TTCnotices im hurt @ttcchris has yet to implement my Tequilas For Transit idea #TTCchatINTERNETFRIEND
"@TTCnotices: Join us #TTC’s first Twitter chat next Tuesday, May 15 from 7-8:30 p.m. Use the hashtag #TTCchat" – socialmedia = the future.Craig Carter-Edwards
Online May 15 between 7 and 8:30 pm? @TTCchris and I will be hosting the TTC’s first twitter #TTCchat. All questions/comments welcome!Brad Ross
#Toronto’s inaugural #TTCchat, May 15, 7–8:30 pm! Join @bradTTC & @TTCchris for a lively discussion on #TransitAndrew | Redtype
@bradTTC Q for you. Is there an outline/agenda for #TTCchat? Excited to learn more about the discussion topic, for May 15. @TTCchrisAndrew | Redtype
@bradTTC thanks Brad! Looking forward to #TTCchat cc @TTCchrisAndrew | Redtype
Tomorrow evening from 7-8:30, @TTCchris and I will be online to answer questions/address concerns. Use the hashtag #TTCchatBrad Ross
Tonight from 7-8:30 pm, @TTCchris and I host the #TTC’s first-ever twitter chat. Ask a question; let us know what you think. #TTCchatBrad Ross
Tonight from 7-8:30 pm, @bradttc and I host the #TTC’s first-ever twitter chat. Ask a question; let us know what you think. #TTCchatChris Upfold
Heading to Queen’s Park Station for "Meet the Manager," then back here for #TTCchat with @TTCchris from 7-8:30 pmBrad Ross
MT @TTCchris: Tonight from 7-8:30 pm, @bradttc and I host the #TTC’s first-ever twitter chat. Ask a q; let us know what you think. #TTCchatJackson Proskow
Have a question, issue, or concern you’d like to raise with the #TTC? Participate in their first Twitter chat tonight at 7. #TTCchatJustin Kozuch
Tonight from 7-8:30 pm, @bradttc @TTCchris host the #TTC’s first-ever twitter chat. Ask a question; let them know what you think. #TTCchatOfficial TTC Tweets
@ttcnotices @bradttc @ttcchris what is #TTC planning to do about 1) thefts & assaults at subway stns, buses 2) pan handlers #ttcchatThaalam FM
@bradttc @ttcchris – When will subway trains and stations have WiFi or mobile service?! – it’s 2012!? #TTCchatAbilityLiving
“@kurtraschke: I really like that @LondonMidland has started #keepingtrack; I wish other #transit providers would do the same.” #TTCchatEscaL8R
Hey #TransitHubbers, join the live #TTCchat 7-8:30pm with @bradttc and @TTCchris. #TTC’s first-ever Twitter chat! Ask your questions!TransitHub
TTC hosts first ever Twitter chat on customer service tonight between 7-8:30pm. #TTCchat w/ @bradttc @ttcchrisglobalnewsto
@abilityliving @bradTTC We just went to proposals for cell coverage in stations. Trains far more complex and expensive #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradTTC @TTCchris goodluck with #ttcchat. I’ll probably just stalk the chat and see what the mood is.André Darmanin
Not happy w/ TTC? They’re hosting first ever twitter town hall tn 7-8:30pm. Use #TTCchat to take part. I’ll be sharing your tweets on @CP24Gurdeep Ahluwalia
@gurdeepa @CP24 Also very happy to hear suggestions, or, dare I say, nice things #ttcchatChris Upfold
@escal8r @kurtraschke @LondonMidland Sounds interesting. We’re looking at how to do online (then link through twitter) #ttcchatChris Upfold
Why dont streetcars have an arm come out to protect loading and unloading riders when the doors open?? / #TTCchat @GurdeepA @TTCchrisMatthew Slutsky
Learning about live-chats in Twitter Marketing class #GBTM. Waiting to join the #TTCChat to see how it works in real life.R. A. Munoz Gomez
Hi All. @bradttc and I ready to go. Looking forward to lots of questions and cramped fingers. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@islutsky When you have mechanical mechansims, like gantries, that operate continuously, they’re prone to malfunctioning. #ttcchatBrad Ross
What line will the new streetcars be tested on? #ttcchatJustin Bernard
@ytwytw T1 trains are only 15 years old. Have another 25 years left in them. Demand is more on YUS than BD so bigger trains there #ttcchatChris Upfold
Watching #ttcchat for my Twitter Marketing class. Good for #ttc for trying a new medium. #GBTMNancy Phatsaphaphone
@thetvptteam Eglinton Scarborough Crosstown being built now – ready 2020 or so. From Black Creek to Kennedy. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@TTCchris @bradTTC Why do short turns exist & why don’t most drivers know they are going to happen? Will they go away eventually? #ttcchatBartek Ciszkowski
@islutsky One more thing: when the gantries do breakdown, we would have to take the car out of service #ttcchatBrad Ross
Are bus drivers supposed to check GPS for cxns? Too often 56 arrives at Donlands as 83 pulls away. I know it’s likely why not them? #ttcchatjanetmoney
Oh hey #ttcchat, how come every goddamn College or Dundas streetcar I’m on gets rerouted or short turned? It is a major inconvenience.Kevin Naulls
@jaybeegooner Every line, every loop, every station. In short, wherever we have streetcar tracks, the new cars will be tested #ttcchatBrad Ross
@bartekci Exist to fill gaps in service going the other way. Bad for some, better for some (should be more). Control decide. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradTTC @TTCchris #ttcchat When will Presto be accepted system-wide?Jonathan Michielsen
#ttcchat what’s the eta on weeknight late service on yonge line? What is being done to avoid the same concrete problem on new spadina line?Not Steve
Are TTC drivers suppose to rip student id cards out of a students hands? #ttcchatNancy Phatsaphaphone
@kevinjn It comes down to route management and doing our best to make up gaps and reduce bunching right across a line #ttcchatBrad Ross
@john_tauren Presto will continue to roll out over next few years with much more next year. Largely implemented by 2015. #ttcchatChris Upfold
Listen #ttcchat, could you furnish @kevinjn with the appropriate ‘streetcar’ (is this 1923?) or he’ll take it out on me when he gets home?Michael
@phatnancy No they’re not. #ttcchatBrad Ross
@TTCchris @bartekci #ttcchat Perhaps drivers tell ppl as soon as they know. 116 is always seem 2 B @ last stop.Howard Lem
@moneymattress Should be 2013 but it’s a complex job. As we remove padding we discover problems. TYSSE – higher standards. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradTTC @TTCchris #ttcchat Will new buses purchased via the current tender be fitted with Presto readers? /(all doors on artics?)Kevin Menzel
@kevinmenzel Depends when new buses arrive. Current fleet will be retrofitted as PRESTO comes online #ttcchatBrad Ross
Take your TTC questions to #ttcchat where Chris Upfold and Brad Ross are waiting to hear from you.Teresa Kalinowski
@can_twitr @TTCchris @bartekci Yes – that would be much better and we’re working on it. I think most do. #ttcchatChris Upfold
#ttcchat use for best chat experience… #suggestionAndrew | Redtype
@phatnancy But let us know if that happens. Contact @ttchelps #ttcchatBrad Ross
When will Wellesley and Sherbourne #TTC subway stations get elevators? #ttcchat #TorCen #ward27 #Ward28 CC @bradTTC @CP24Chris Drew
@thetvptteam SRT will be replaced with LRT after Pan Am games and back up by 2019. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradTTC @TTCchris What’s the estimated date of completion of the first LRT line?#ttcchatAnita Ramadhin
@redtype We’ll look at it. Current platform is fulfilling most of our nacent needs for time being. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@kevinjn Route management is something we’re very keen to get right. We measure performance daily on every route for improvement. #ttcchatBrad Ross
@TTCchris #ttcchat recommendation was more for the ppl tuning in…Andrew | Redtype
When will Wellesley and Sherbourne #TTC subway stations get elevators? #ttcchat #TorCen #ward27 #Ward28 CC @bradTTC @CP24 -@chrisjamesdrewTTCing
@anitaelizar First completed should be Shepperd in 2018. Details on #ttcchatChris Upfold
@TTCchris @bradTTC #TTCchat Will the Presto be the "next Gen" card like Ottawa is rolling out? OCtranspo says the "GTA" cards won’t work.Howard Lem
Why not get rid of streetcars? So much $$ to maintain it each yr from weather damage. Use $$ to expand subway. @bradTTC @TTCchris #ttcchatTwyla De Mello
Hey #ttcchat is it just me or are there more delays than ever?Kasia Mychajlowycz
@TTCchris @bradTTC #TTCchat I think Bob Kinnear should have to answer for the constant poor/rude customer service carried out by his unionCrispin Black
@can_twitr @TTCchris @bradTTC Yes and will be next gen next gen. Working on some new things for Toronto GTA. #ttcchatChris Upfold
#ttcchat @TTCchris care to share #TTC’s strategy on how best to improve #custserv?Andrew | Redtype
@sliceoftolife Streetcars carry more people, smoother ride, permanent rails give planning advantages. We choose the mode on demand. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@chrisjamesdrew Sherbourne 2018, Wellesley 2020 #ttcchatBrad Ross
#ttcchat what’s the plan for #Toronto #Transit during #PanAm2015?Andrew | Redtype
@redtype Sure. But not in 140 characters! #ttcchatChris Upfold
@redtype Detailed plans are being developed now. We’ll share them widely once completed. #ttcchatBrad Ross
@crispin_black They are our employees and I think the majority do a difficult job well. They are just as angry about the bad apples.#ttcchatChris Upfold
Buses on1 per half hour schedule that are frequently 6 or 7 minutes early – please explain? #TTCchatsandra marcok
#ttcchat @bradTTC thanks. Hopefully the #Toronto #PanAm2015 bottlenecks will be minimal.Andrew | Redtype
#ttcchat – are the ttc looking at real time info screens for surface rts? Instead of relying on fb, twtr, sms for delays/updates?Joe Parisi
@skandhala Being early far more frustrating than late. Neither should happen, of course. Please let @TTChelps know when it does #ttcchatBrad Ross
@TTCchris @bradTTC #ttcchat When willl more of the new Rocket trains be in service? I love them, but can’t really wait for one.Jonathan Michielsen
#ttcchat @TTCchris The loo at Downsview is gettin’ nasty. When is it up for Reno?Dave Ross
Noted for #ttcchat. JP “@elleinad_: pls consider painting queue lines in bus bay at St.Clair. Riders crowd & push for vehicles.Unpleasant”Karen Stintz TTCteam
@redtype @TTCchris @bradTTC #TTCchat. I live near a venue & I plan 2 b on vacation 4 the games. Hope city close rds for TTC 4 rest of uHoward Lem
@john_tauren There are 15 in service now. By end of 2013, all of the YUS will be Toronto Rocket trains #ttcchatBrad Ross
“@TessKalinowski: Take your #TTC questions to #ttcchat where @TTCchris and @bradTTC are waiting to hear from you.” jpKaren Stintz TTCteam
@dmjross Downsview one of the last. May 11-June 29th. Ready for Canada Day! #ttcchatChris Upfold
@can_twitr wow that sounds drastic, no? @TTCchris @bradTTC #ttcchatAndrew | Redtype
@bradTTC @TTCchris Providing on-street supervisors with tech so they can see real-time vehicle locations – Is this being done yet? #ttcchatMatt Elliott
#TTCchat These LRT rails that ttc insists on building is not "the better way". Rob Ford should fire the rest of you who think otherwise.Andre Dwyer
@ttcchair @elleinad_ We’ll look at it. Same thing at a few stations including St Clair West. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@GraphicMatt FWIW the NVAS website goggle maps weren’t working today… @bradTTC @TTCchris #ttcchatAndrew | Redtype
@TTCchair @TTCchris @bradTTC #TTCchat pls make Qs for the 510 @ Spadina too! Gets dangerous when Q gets near top of escalators. Like this pmHoward Lem
Are there Special Constables and/or cops at every station or just the super busy stations? @TTCchris @bradTTC #ttcchatAnita Ramadhin
#ttcchat Love the better lighting at Yonge Stn on B-D Line. Plans for other stations?Dave Ross
@graphicmatt We have about 16 mobile tech on the street now and a load more being delivered. Include radios to talk to operators. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradTTC @TTCchris #ttcchat And when will we start seeing Rocket trains on the Bloor-Danforth line?Jonathan Michielsen
#TTCchat : Ever think of offering service refunds for customers who get caught in a delay caused by the TTC ?Gloria Lopez – Gil
Why is service being decreased on the 510 Spadina streetcar when there are more people travelling along the waterfront? #TTCchatanita
@redtype @GraphicMatt We simply provide the data feed to anyone that wants to build an app – Nextbus is a private company. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@andredwyer City Council had two debates on this issue. In the end, they opted for most transit the money available could build #ttcchatBrad Ross
@TTCchris Spadina could also benefit from them #ttcchat @ttcchairDanielle
#TTCchat I’m curious whether there are any plans to move the DWAs now that the guards are in the last car of the subway trainsimpudent strumpet
@anitaelizar TTC and Transit Enforcement and Police are mobile. They go to all stations. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@dmjross Thanks – they are great. Yes plans for everywhere over next few years. Big project. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@glopezgil It’s a hugely expensive thing to administer. I want to focus time and money on having fewer delays. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@john_tauren Not for some time. YUS at capacity, which TRs will help alleviate. T1s, which will all go to BD, an excellent train #ttcchatBrad Ross
@impstrump I’m really not sure why the conductors are at the back on the BD line #ttcchatDanielle
#TTCchat Some stations have bus/streetcar arrival times. Platforms have subway arrival times. Any plans to put the 2 on the same display?John Maynard
@bradTTC How often do planners look at neighbourhood density and development/housing changes to inform service? 40 & 313 bus for ex #ttcchatDanielle
@impstrump The TRs, being fully open, is not an issue. For non-TRs, it’s short-term until all YUS sees TRs on them #ttcchatBrad Ross
@thecjm No. They are in different locations and should provide customers with information at the right place and time. #ttcchatChris Upfold
Liking more announcements on trains re: slowdowns, etc. Remind transit control to speak slowly? Still room for improvement there #ttcchatDave Ross
Will the TTC be installing next vehicle arrival stops at surface stops? If I recall correctly, there is one at Bathurst/Wellington #ttcchatJustin Bernard
@TTCchris What about the constant roadwork/costs? TTC needs to look at longterm benefits of expanding subway. #ttcchatTwyla De Mello
@mctickster Yes, but not recommended. Cost of infrastructure is very high. Also, less flexibility during diversions/construction #ttcchatBrad Ross
@ellstar We change our service offering (based on demand) every six weeks. That’s a lot by international standards. #ttcchatChris Upfold
The Next Vehicle arrival sign at St. Clair Station is in a inconvenient location. Any chance to install one the streetcar platform? #ttcchatJustin Bernard
@bradTTC @TTCchris How angry should I be at Transportation Services for dragging their feet on signal priority for TTC vehicles? #TTCchatMatt Elliott
@jaybeegooner We will be doing about 300 of the busiest and all bus bays in stations. Cant do all 10k stops. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@dmjross Thank you. Yes, good point. Operators also starting to make more announcements. #ttcchatBrad Ross
@sliceoftolife Difference / km is 100’s of millions of $s. We need more transit period. More subways, LRTs, streetcars and buses. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@graphicmatt They have to make judgements and balances based on their constituency. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@TTCchris @bradTTC #ttcchat What will happen to 196 York University Express Bus once the subway extension is opened?Jonathan Michielsen
@TTCchris Same with the blue line offerings? Those seem to not have been adjusted in awhile. #ttcchatDanielle
@TTCchris @jaybeegooner #TTCchat MayB get several interns to post stop # at the 10K-300 stops???Howard Lem
@ttcchris I appreciate bus drivers who let pass holders enter thru back door in rush hour. Can we get more TTC drivers to do this? #ttcchattoronto conservative
@john_tauren It will be gone! #ttcchatBrad Ross
@ellstar We have the opportunity every 6 weeks but dont’ change them as often as that. #ttcchatChris Upfold
#ttcchat Do streetcar lines w/all-door boarding have signs at the stop? Translink does this, signs on vehicles confusing to travelers.Dave Ross
TTC hosts first-ever Twitter chat #storify
@dmjross We have them on every streetcar. We are looking at the overall information we provide at stops. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@mctickster In the end, the cost of substations, overhead and vehicles would be astronomical #ttcchatBrad Ross
TTC hosts first-ever Twitter chat. Read some of the comments and answers by @bradttc and @ttcchris. #TTCchatglobalnewsto
#ttcchat Would like to see more shops w/in paid ticket area like Kit Table at Eg? Wd be v handy- mini loblaws, longos? Cd put 1 at bathurstKMThomas
@bradTTC @mctickster #ttcchat I think he’s talking about replacing streetcars with TBs hence no new substations and minor overhead changes.Steve Munro
@TTCchair @TessKalinowski @TTCchris @bradTTC Not a question, but a big compliment – always have a good TTC experience when in T.O. #TTCChatNick Westoll
#ttcchat – when new lrvs (TC/legacy) arrive would b helpful 2 have a live demo before entering service so ppl can understand procedures/POPJoe Parisi
@twomanrush We’ll be reviewing our retail strategy over next year. Try to make most money or offer a service? Different options #ttcchatChris Upfold
@nwestoll Thanks, that’s always nice to hear. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradttc @ttcchris Why is it taking TTC so long to put Presto at subway stn’s? It seems like every transit system is using but TTC. #ttcchatLawrence Wong
30 minutes left on our first #ttcchat. Great to hear from everyone so far.Chris Upfold
@ilawcdn We need to make sure it works in our system (which is much more complex) and our customers. #ttcchat It’s coming.Chris Upfold
#ttcchat @bradTTC curious if current flat rate fare is sustainable for long term? other #Transit systems price by distance travelled…Andrew | Redtype
@JoeParez @TTCchris @bradTTC #ttcchat Y not make all SC rte POP. Seem logical since all SC have POP signs on doors.Howard Lem
@bradTTC @TTCchris R u working towards a better way 2 keep us informed when shuttle buses in effect? Esp during rush hour mayhem? #ttcchatAlexandra
Is there a plan to refurbish employee loo’s? Some of them are pretty depressing and in very poor repair. #TTCchatAllan Hrynkiw
@redtype There are arguments to both sides and fixed costs mean that distance based isn’t necessarily better. Winners and losers. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@khalidonwheels Always let @TTChelps know if a bus ramp doesn’t deploy – bus number, route, date, time, etc. #ttcchatBrad Ross
@can_twitr Enforcement is the issue. POP on the new streetcards obvs. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@allanthegolfer Yes. We are doing a condition assessment (same as we did for customers) on all now. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@scrappydoo6 … e-alerts indicate when shuttle buses have been ordered. Subscribe here: #ttcchatBrad Ross
@TTCchris @bradttc #TTC #TTCchat The new TTC trains need more handles/poles on both ends of the train. Ppl have nothing to hang on to.Germaine Marie
@dylan_reid We don’t have any enforcement powers. TToronto Police and we work with them closely – but can have different priority #ttcchatChris Upfold
Thank you! Re: elevator installation dates Sherbourne 2018, Wellesley 2020 #ttcchatToronto Buzz
Why hasn’t schedules being rewritten to fix bunching? #37 Has 37, 37A, 37B always bunch up, with last bus being empty. #TTCchatShannon Stafford
@kristofto It will be phased in over the next several years. When completed, trains can run automatically, increasing cap by 25% #ttcchatBrad Ross
@germs_c Yes. We are working on some options. Couldn’t have vertical poles for accessibility reasons. #ttcchatChris Upfold
other then that, TTC is doing a great job ##TTCchatShannon Stafford
@TTCchris Any forecasted completion dates for Presto? Educated guess? #ttcchatLawrence Wong
@ttcchris @ttcbrad Why not have all vehicles (buses and street cars) use POP in rush hours, and use back door entry? #ttcchattoronto conservative
@tombstonecanuck Schedules won’t fix bunching. We need to actively manage routes to do that. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@TTCchris #ttcchat Okay, that makes sense. I was wondering why there were no poles! Thanks!Germaine Marie
@bradTTC @khalidonwheels @TTChelps TTChair people offering to meet at scarboro centre why not at their office? #ttcchatKhalid Magram
@ilawcdn Will be mostly implemented by the PanAm games. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@TTCchris 2 questions ~ (1) Will Donlands be getting an elevator? Hard to get up and down with a stroller or wheelchair #ttcchatwhatmatterstous
#ttcchat Headed undergound. Kudos to Chris, Brad & mgmt for better service/increased engagement. Keep it up, and see you at next townhall!Dave Ross
TTC, why are you raising prices every year, yet your service remains the same? Full of angry Bus drivers and unkept trains/busses #TTCChatAngry Bengali Kid
#TTCchat needs to get training for their Drivers, etc in Customer Service – really poor treatment of customers-especially immigrants.Miriam Bernardo
#TTCchat love to be able to text the streetcar stop to see when the next couple ones will be arriving.☆kimia☆
@to_conservative There are enforcement issues. We have more options when Presto is implemented. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradTTC thanks brad! Quick follow-up if u have time. Are all of our T1 trains able to run automatically, or just the new rockets? #ttcchatKristof
@TTCchris will #ttcchat be on a monthly schedule or is this a one-off?Andrew | Redtype
@TTCchris(2) Loud speaker infromation on the Subway is still pretty bad. Any chance of putting onto LCD screen within the trains? #ttcchatwhatmatterstous
@whatmatterstous Donlands elevate in 2015. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradTTC e-alerts r gr8, but whn u r in trans, can’t always access them. Lil/no info avail when u reach street level on shuttles #ttcchatAlexandra
@navidalikhaeda Prices go up on the TTC same as everywhere else – our costs go up i.e. diesel fuel. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@miriamismimi We do train them. Need to do better but I think most do a tough job well. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@TTCchris i guess the next question will be, is the TTC looking at strategies to make this happen? It is a problem across system #ttcchatShannon Stafford
Prize freeze for a long while for student/senior monthly metropasses? #ttcchatSherbie Cloud
@scrappydoo6 Understood. Working to have better info at turnback locations – people and signage – during emergencies #ttcchatBrad Ross
More LED ZEPPELIN on the trains would make the better way even better #ttcchatLed Zeppelin
@whatmatterstous New trains have this. Working on better transmission systems for announcements as well. #ttcchatChris Upfold
How are you guys going to combat TTC booth collectors that leave their post, allowing countless people to go in free? #TTCChatAngry Bengali Kid
The TTC should have more public events ie. meet the tower controller/tours of its facilities: control center/simulators for fans #ttcchatT2P0 Films
@bradTTC When will TTC subway riders be able to use their wireless device on the platform, or on trains? #ttcchatIan Hardy
#ttcchat 1) what’s up with your scheduling? How do you set them up? 2) why no 36 express bus? 3) what’s the point of the 99 bus?Alle’nad
#ttcchat Why are you still not accepting CCs at entrances? Sometimes I don’t have change and it’s a major inconvenience to find a bank.Pavel Tchourliaev
@kimia_anna Thanks. Can get up to next 6 on some routes. Works on buses too – stop numbers online. #ttcchatChris Upfold
I actually love how #TTCChat is responding to everyone’s concerns. Kudos for that!Angry Bengali Kid
How does one become a subway conductor? I am very interested! @bradTTC @TTCchris #TTCchatmpc
#ttcchat Why doesn’t TTC staff do line management @ stations like Spadina where the streetcar lines are chaotic & staff is often there idle?Becca Young
@bradTTC That would help a lot and reduce the frustrations. I’ve been at Yonge/Bloor for shuttle buses, it was total chaos #ttcchatAlexandra
@scrappydoo6 Ppl don’t necessarily read #sign notices cc @bradTTC #ttcchatAndrew | Redtype
@tombstonecanuck Yes. And measuring the heck out of it and holding people accountable to targets. #ttcchatChris Upfold
How is it that the 72 buses are so random? I leave work the same time every day……. #TTCCHATMonique King
@sherbiedarling We try and reflect price increases equally for all fares. #ttcchatChris Upfold
Screaming Lord Sutch – The Train Kept A’ Rollin’ #ttcchat @TTCchrisLed Zeppelin
#ttcchat 2 many problems. Every single day there’s a delay on the subway. Announcements aren’t clear …????mary forrest
@navidalikhaeda Presto is coming and will give more options for payment. >50% of people have Metropasses. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@redtype @bradTTC True enough, but they can’t always hear the announcements either #ttcchat need people, signs and announcementsAlexandra
@paveltchour We are looking at options to make fare buying easier. Watch this space. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@beccatronic We’ve been trying things at Spadina to manage this. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@scrappydoo6 perhaps take lead from airports when flight is delayed. Staff holding placards at gate :p @bradTTC #ttcchatAndrew | Redtype
#ttcchat 2 busiest streetcars end at DundasWest & the 505 is verybad at having 3-4 waiting & blocking buses, have u thought about staffing?Danielle
@navidalikhaeda Thanks. Fingers are burning up now. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@TTCchris Any chance of getting dedicated WIFI service (not 3G or 4G) onto the Subway and Streetcars? #ttcchatLBJ™
@moette15 They should be predictable. And I don’t want to make excuses, but construction/traffic makes rte mgt extra challenging #ttcchatBrad Ross
#ttcchat – Bostons charlie card is easy/efficient – any type of system being developed for TTC besides Presto that can be as effective?Joe Parisi
#ttcchat please do something, possibly paint lines on the bus platform at stations to entice people to line up in an orderly way?Rick
@myonlinelifenow We are out for proposals now for cell coverage. Will have an idea of schedule come fall. #ttcchatChris Upfold
#ttcchat Thanks for taking the time to do this. Seeing the previously promised commitment to service.Matt L.
@joeparez Presto and Charlie are largely same system. Open payments are the game changer. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@gt_cutiepie We agree. We work hard to minimize them and correct when they occur #ttcchatBrad Ross
@bradTTC @moette15 #ttcchat Strange that TTC cannot manage regular headways even on routes with reserved lanes.Steve Munro
#ttcchat – BTW Kudos to @TTCchris & @BradTTC for being thrown to the wolves and coming out alive! :DJoe Parisi
@gkillabeatz @ALLE1NAD Point of the 99 bus is to serve customers on Arrow road. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@TTCchris @bradTTC #ttcchat Just want to thank you for doing this, and also thank the great staff you have. Always make say to thank driver.Jonathan Michielsen
#ttcchat 15 yr old son wants to know when new streetcars will be here – thanks for this!KMThomas
Great engagement happening via first #TTCchat … kudos to @bradTTC and @TTCchris for hostingFrancineAntonioForte
@almostachemist Always fun talking / tweeting to customers. #ttcchatChris Upfold
Thanks @bradTTC & @TTCchris for #ttcchat, as you can see we have many questions but it’s good to hear some answers from management.Danielle
#ttcchat Any way of better preventing bus bunching? (like, better comm’n w/ drivers, earlier short turns) chronic prob. on 54, post am rushMatt L.
@bradTTC @TTCchris #TTCchat How is the close down of Orion going to affect the TTC?Grant Gill
@twomanrush He’ll be able to see them end of this year (but not in customer service). Ride on them end of next year. #ttcchatChris Upfold
have the pedestrian rush hour flow changes at bloor been successful? will this be permanent as opposed to manual? #TTCchatMatthew DeWaal
Great questions and comments from everyone. Lots of passion for the TTC out there. Will pick up leftovers tomorrow. #ttcchatChris Upfold
That’s a wrap! Thanks all for the great questions/comments. Those that trickle in later will be answered tomorrow, fear not #ttcchatBrad Ross
You need more planning with that A LOT "@bradTTC: @gt_cutiepie We agree. We work hard to minimize them and correct when they occur #ttcchat"Gt_CutiePie
@grantgill Daimler will still support warranties. One less supplier of buses never good. #ttcchatChris Upfold
@bradTTC @moette15 #ttcchat Vehicles bunch because of poor line management and random layovers, not because cops are not enforcing rsvd laneSteve Munro
Thanks to @TTCchris & @bradTTC for engaging #TTC customers through #ttcchat this evening. JPKaren Stintz TTCteam
#ttcchat I wonder why 4, 5 and 6 buses are allowed to clump together on the 36 Finch line? Why not a 60 sec delay when one approaches other?greg fenton
#TTCChat why do u have to wait 35 mins for the finch bus and then when it finally comes its 3 & 4 togetherMarlonTails
Why are half your employees mad ignorant, I expect better customer service #ttcchatफ्रांज़ Liverpool
@bradTTC Airside tours incl. secure areas offered to the public by @TorontoPearson TTC should follow a similar approach. #ttcchatT2P0 Films
@TTCchair @TTCchris @bradTTC #TTC when is the next #ttcchat ? Will they occur regularly? Still looking for full customer survey report.Diana Pronosher
@pronosher brad says he’ll think abt it tmrw when his fingers recover :p gr8 start #TTCchat tho cc @TTCchair @TTCchris @bradTTCAndrew | Redtype
Too bad I missed #ttcchat! It’s a great idea. When’s the next one?Oliva R
@bradTTC Gotcha, but it seems like such a great safety function. I see so many cars running the open-doors. #TTCchatMatthew Slutsky
what did ppl think of #ttcchat? “@globalnewsto: #TTC hosts first ever Twitter chat on customer service tuesday night Davidov
@ttcchris #TTCchat that’s awesome! Keeping up with 21st Century technology! #SocialMedia #TwitterSteven Branco
@globalnewsto You veil my tweet @ttcchat about transit accessibility, fixing bus ramps that always don’t work. Not important ehe? #cndpoliKhalid
Kudos to @bradTTC @ttcchris on their successful Twitter chat. Well done! #TTCchatJustin Kozuch
“@jkozuch: Kudos to @bradTTC @ttcchris on their successful Twitter chat. Well done! #TTCchat”Allen Davidov
Tonight’s #TTCchat stats: 286 tweets generated 537,651 impressions, reaching an audience of 152,505 followers! #TTC #cdnpoli #Toronto #YYZThe Social CMO
@TTCchris just so you know, I vote to add escalator/elevator stats: repairs, reconstruction & stop ‘n starts. #ttcchat #ttcEscaL8R
@jkozuch @bradTTC @ttcchris #TTCchat When is next one?Diana Pronosher
#ttcchat ttc sucks and its not fair that strollers get on free and they take up the most space. They need to pay upSugar..*
Reading many comments about @prestocard on #TTCchat today. Can it miraculously get implemented throughout the city today? 🙁 I’m a big fan.Wendy
Also, I would like comments about charging YUS condo builders fees for TTC subway congestion, so we can build Downtown Relief Line. #TTCchatWendy
#TTCchat Most delays are caused by passengers, so take a look at yourselves before blaming us and smarten upCallMeSalty
Great engagement happening via first TTCchat … kudos to bradTTC and TTCchris for hostingLakhani Patton
Missed last night’s #ttcchat in lieu of yoga and meeting deadlines. What was the tone/highlights? Anyone?Jamie C
well done @bradTTC “@globaltvnews: TTC hosts first-ever Twitter chat #storify #ttcchat”T.J. Goertz
"Fascinating @Wired story: The world’s greatest subway systems are all converging on common principles:" #TTCchatDavid Shum
Last night’s #TTCchat stats: 286 tweets generated 537,651 impressions, reaching an audience of 152,505 followers! #TTC #cdnpoli #TorontoThe Social CMO

Toronto Cyclists Union AGM 2012

Toronto Cyclists Union AGM 2012

May 2nd, 2012 at 7 pm, 2012 Annual General Meeting! Overview highlights and successes from 2011 and launch new strategic plan. Members will also elect 4 new board members and vote on an important resolution to change the name of our organization to Cycle Toronto.

Storified by HiMY SYeD · Wed, May 02 2012 23:26:51

We’re pleased to release the bike union’s new Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles & Goals. Learn more here: #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 1: (Mode shift) By 2016 the number of people who bike to work will have grown from 1.7% to 5% #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 2: (Membership) 2,500 mbrs by 2012 and 10,000 by 2018. Representation from all wards. #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 3: (Advocacy) 50% reduction in cycling-related collisions, injuries, and fatalities & 400 new kms of bike lanes by 2018 #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 4: (Ward Advocacy) Expand Ward Advocacy Program to actively engage and connect over 50% of wards by 2018 #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 5: (Partnering) Collaborate with at least one external partner for each campaign #bikeTOBike Union
Goal 6: (Building Organizational Capacity) Sustainable funding, motivated & knowledgeable staff, and effective governance… #bikeTOBike Union
Supporting my own candidacy and that of John Taranu, Ward 22 Organizer, for the Board of Directors at @bikeunion AGM tomorrow #bikeTOJean-FrançoisObregon
Toronto Cyclists Union Releases New Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles & Goals #bikeTOAmanda Lewis
Toronto Cyclists Union Releases New Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles & Goals #BikeTOBikingToronto
Today 6-7pm 100% of @csiCoffeePub sales go to @bikeunion prior to their big AGM here at #csinx! If u like to #bikeTO, show it w espresso!"Nick Cluley
Excited to attend my first @bikeunion AGM today. Looking forward to voting in a new board and hearing the debate on the name change! #bikeTODanny Brown
One of my favourite days of the year: @bikeunion’s AGM! See you tonight #BikeTO’ers! @BikeUnionWard27 @BikeUnionWard28 #TOpoli #torontoChris Drew
Who is going to the @bikeunion AGM tonight? Hopefully the rain stays in Mississauga. #bikeTO’Xander Labayen
Toronto Cyclists Union decides on rebranding as Cycle Toronto at their AGM tonight. Here’s why I’m voting no: #bikeTOGreg Burrell
Heading to @bikeunion AGM tonight to vote against maddening proposal to drop "union" from name. #bikeTOPamela Clark
"Union" is not a dirty word. #bikeTOPamela Clark
@bikeunion: Will members be able to vote by proxy (or by Twitter) at this evening’s AGM? #bikeTOSteven Wood
Everyone on #BikeTO remember that aside from couple of people who argue about almost everything, we are a COMMUNITY. Bike safe, bike well.BikingToronto
@416cyclestyle @bikeunion Still talking about a name change of a political organization in poetic metaphor about butterflies. Sorry, but NO.meagar
Heading to @bikeunion AGM tonight to support name change proposal to the more inclusive "Cycle Toronto". #bikeTOMichael Went
Wish I could be at the @bikeunion Annual Meeting tonight! Congrats to our staff for an amazing year!! @JaredKolb & @andiemgarcia #BikeTO 1/3dave meslin
Also congrats (and Thank You!) to our amazing volunteer board, incl: prez Heather McDonald and VP @simplynick41! 2/3dave meslin
Two years in a row, #TOcouncil is reducing the amount of bikelanes. As TO falls further behind, we need the bike union more than ever. 3/3dave meslin
About to #BikeTO in the rain. But that’s okay because I’m going to the @bikeunion AGM!Chris Drew
Rain’s let up just in time for the @bikeunion AGM at @csiTO Annex!Siva Vijenthira
At @bikeunion AGM. Great to be amongst my people. I’m home! Also, there was valet bike parking 🙂 #BikeTO Drew
Most ironically, on my way to the @bikeunion AGM in a taxi?!??! #BikeTO #TaxiTOSteph Guthrie
Packed house at our AGM! @csiTO #biketo Union
A great list to be on! @bikeunion volunteers! #BikeTO Drew
Also sad to miss @bikeunion AGM #toobusy #injurycity :(Lauren Simmons
Strength in numbers: the @bikeunion’s revenue from membership fees grew from $36K in ’10 to $75K in 2011! CC @simplynick416 #BikeTOChris Drew
Tonight’s the toronto Cyclist Unions AGM at @csiTO…great to see the cycling community coming together @bikeunion #bikeTOLynn Moffatt
Seems like there are almost as many candidates 4 the @bikeunion Board as the @oylorg exec. Thankfully, I’m only CRO for one 🙂 #BikeTO #OYLChris Drew
By my quick tally there are at least three people from my high school at the @bikeunion AGM. #blastfromthepast #chiggityrigDanny Brown
The @bikeunion aims to have 10,000 members by 2018. #BikeTOChris Drew
Love the pic inside @bikeunion 2011 Annual Report: #savejarvis! @kristynwongtam #TOcouncil #TOpoli #BikeTO Drew
@bikeunion AGM. 22 candidates, including me, running. Looks like a good bunch whomever is elected. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM Secretary gets the agenda and minutes approved, #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM President Heather MacDonald explains some by-law changes: signers, rates of membership. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
Great idea! @bikeunion proposing to amend its bylaws to allow for student and senior memberships! #cdnpse #TOpoli #BikeTOChris Drew
At the @bike union AGM great to see a large crowd….#bikeTO’Xander Labayen
At the @bikeunion meeting to vote against the idiotic proposal to remove "union" from the nameA. R. Arvelo McQuaig
@bikeunion AGM President Heather MacDonald talking about the name change motion. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM President Heather MacDonald announces that voting is open for another 25mins. Schwartz
Just cast my votes at the @bikeunion AGM. Great turn out. #BikeTOJake Tobin Garrett
Cast my vote for tonight’s AGM the future for a greater Toronto is looking positive…#bikeTO’Xander Labayen
At @BikeUnion AGM. Full crowd! Lots of energy and ideas #bikeTO
@bikeunion President Heather MacDonald is giving her farewell speech at the AGM, as she retires from the board.#BikeTOJoey Schwartz
The @bikeunion has a partnership with Culture Link. Ensuring cycling advocacy, access and #BikeTO encouragement is representative! #TOpoliChris Drew
Just voted to support @joedrew for @bikeunion BoD; thanks to ranked ballots I expressed my 2nd-22nd choices too! cc @TorontoRaBIT #BikeTOSteph Guthrie
@bikeunion MacDonald praised the membership and like-minded-folks participating in the Save Jarvis campaign.Joey Schwartz
Chair of the @bikeunion noting the support from residents that we received with our last #savejarvis ride. Another one is coming up! #BikeTOChris Drew
Briefly went to @bikeunion AGM to vote against name change, came home early to nurse my headache, watch Netflix, order panzarotti.Pamela Clark
@bikeunion AGM, Andie Garcia now talking about the union’s activities at City Hall. Separated bike lanes now on the agenda.#BikeTOJoey Schwartz
Andrea presenting her report on @bikeunion advocacy successes: trails info, capital budges for cycling infra. Downside: Jarvis. #BikeTOChris Drew
@bikeunion AGM Garcia talked about the decision to kill off the TO cycling Committee, and reduction of lanes. #BikeTO Schwartz
MT @Joeys4b: @bikeunion AGM, Andie Garcia now talking re the union’s activities @ City Hall. Separated bike lanes now on the agenda #BikeTOChris Drew
Andie mentioning work on the #savejarvis campaign: legal action, releasing data, Drivers for Jarvis. Now lobbying Prov for an EA #BikeTOChris Drew
@bikeunion AGM and heard great updates of last year of work. Also nervously anticipating results for Board of Directors positionsJean-FrançoisObregon
Large crowd @BikeUnion AGM.#BikeTOJoey Schwartz
Everything is up by 100 or 200 percent IE @bikeunion e-newsletter subscribers now at 7K! Bike registration reminders! #BikeTOChris Drew
@Bikeunion AGM Jared Kolb mentions that union has over 2500 members & the goal for 2018 is 10,000 members.#BikeTO Schwartz
A wonderful scene: @bikeunion members at the AGM! I’m just a regular voter tonight 🙂 #BikeTO #OYL Drew
@bikeunion AGM Kristin Schwartz (no relation), talked about Culturelink’s Bike Host program for immigrants #BikeTO Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM treasurer’s report that the union’s membership fees exceeded its grants. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@bikeunion AGM treasurer’s report new membership programs costs were high because of initial costs: I.T. Infrastructure.#BikeTOJoey Schwartz
#BikeTO AGM @ CSI Annex: Kristin Schwartz of CultureLink on BikeHost program to introduce immigrants to TO by bike! Brent
great work to the amazing team @bikeunion wish I were there tonight… congrats on membership numbers being uptonyasurman
@bikeunion AGM treasurer’s report the Trillium Foundation grant expires last year, but membership fees any list revenue: that’s a good thingJoey Schwartz
.@simplynick416 answering a question during the @bikeunion AGM financial report item. #BikeTO Drew
@bikeunion AGM new President Nick Cluley talks about the year ahead. #BikeTO Schwartz
.@simplynick416 giving a passionate speech on growing membership, capacity + resources of @bikeunion. Find a member! CC @samsmitiuch #BikeTOChris Drew
@bikeunion AGM approve new bylaws, and Cycle Toronto was approved as the union’s new name #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
The bike union is now Cycle Toronto! #bikeTOJoe Drew
The @BikeUnion is now officially Cycle Toronto. A name doesn’t matter as much as a membership that’s active and growing! #BikeTO #TOpoliChris Drew
Didn’t even consider that the @bikeunion AGM would have Bike Valet. I wasted valuable energy searching for a rare empty bike post. #BikeTOVal’s the gal
@bikeunion unites to become Cycle Toronto. Watch out for the new face of a great cycling city!! #cycleToronto’Xander Labayen
Toronto Cycling Union is now Cycle Toronto #biketoJean-FrançoisObregon
@bikeunion AGM adjournedJoey Schwartz
The @bikeunion has now officially changed its name to Cycle Toronto. Yay!! Meeting adjourned.Val’s the gal
@bikeunion has voted to change its name to Cycle Toronto #BikeTOJake Tobin Garrett
"Cycle Toronto" now competes with "8 – 80 Cities" for the title of Most Needlessly Confusing Rebrand of an Active Transportation Group.Jonathan Goldsbie
Cycle Toronto. Original! #bikeTOJustin Bernard
Toronto’s @bikeunion just voted to re-brand as Cycle Toronto. Let’s all get behind the new name + move forward. Democracy in action! #bikeTOdave meslin
Guess who won’t be renewing their @bikeunion membership? Disappointed in #bikeTO tonight.Pamela Clark
My @bikeunion sticker just doubled in value.Rich Lafferty
.@meslin @bikeunion I won’t get behind an organization that’s so needlessly hostile to unions (and thus progressives). They lost my supportA. R. Arvelo McQuaig
Cycle Toronto? Oh good, now I can run out and join! I was just too afraid of the word Union to do it before. Yeesh! #topoli #biketoMichael Miller
MT @meslin: @bikeunion just voted to re-brand as Cycle Toronto. Let’s get behind the new name + move fwd. Democracy in action! #bikeTOChris Drew
.@bikeunion is alienating more potential members by omitting "union" than by keeping it. How many cyclists are THAT appalled by unions?!!A. R. Arvelo McQuaig
Cycle Toronto the new social cycling group: re branding at it’s worst…How many members have you lost tonight? #BikeTOSharkDancing
How on EARTH did the @bikeunion name change get 2/3 vote? Did Ford Nation storm the room? Who are these people?A. R. Arvelo McQuaig
Great and energizing speech by incoming @bikeunion chair, @simplynick416 tonight at the AGM. Looking forward to a good year for #BikeTOJake Tobin Garrett
Anti-union cyclists are no friends of mine. Union first. #bikeTO second. #topoliNora Loreto
Also, "Cycle Toronto" is possibly the most insubstantial, nothing name for an advocacy group I’ve ever heard.Pamela Clark
MT @meslin: @bikeunion just voted to re-brand as Cycle Toronto. Let’s get behind the new name + move fwd. Via @chrisjamesdrew #bikeTOAutoShare
Hey, let’s start a new cycling org that actually fights for cyclists. We could call it "Toronto Cycling Union". @NoLore #bikeTO #topoliMichael Miller
Cycle Toronto’s Director of Advocacy@andiemgarcia at AGM GREAT turnout, great new name! #bikeTO Janiszewska
In other news… DMW decides to renew his membership now that technically, it is no longer a "Union". #bikeTOHiMY SYeD
I am sure there are many of us who will continue to refer to @bikeunion as the Bike Union just like I still call the Skydome the Skydome.Kali Solomon
Now this @bikeunion name change is tied with Rob Ford’s election as the most stupefying voting results I’ve ever heard ofA. R. Arvelo McQuaig
lulz #BikeTO "Cycle Toronto" now competes w/"8-80 Cities" for Most Needlessly Confusing Rebrand of Ac…Toronto Buzz
MT @meslin: Toronto’s @bikeunion just voted to re-brand as Cycle Toronto. Let’s all get behind the new name + move forward. #bikeTOmontyb
"Cycle Toronto"…ya well, fine, but you’re still the Bike Union to me #bikeTOStephen Gregory
.@bikeunion name change suggests that when the right tarnishes a word, no matter how cherished, it should be relinquished without a fightA. R. Arvelo McQuaig
This calls for a SHAAAAAME "@goldsbie: "Cycle Toronto" now competes w "8 – 80 Cities" for the title of Most Needlessly Confusing Rebrand…"victoria marshall
When you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, I guess? The word union has got right-wing venom, so @bikeunion bows down accordingly!A. R. Arvelo McQuaig
shame! “@vtoriaaa: This calls for a SHAAAAAME " #bikeTOAnthony Schein
The far-right use the word "cyclists" as an insult as much as "union" so maybe @bikeunion should reassess their mode of transportation?A. R. Arvelo McQuaig
@bikeunion after AGM get together at the 2nd floor Duke of York at Prince Arthur and Bedford. #BikeTOJoey Schwartz
@shawnmicallef I’m a member, I voted in proxy for Cycle Toronto. Though I didn’t get detail on options. Admittedly partially informed.Geoff King
It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against. Let’s transform Toronto together #biketoBike Union
.@meslin Hardly. @bikeunion just ensured I will never buy a membership, by pandering to right-wing union-bashing. #bikeTOAndrea Addario
I’m going to start a cyclists’ club, maybe call it the Toronto Velocipedestrians’ Society. Has a nice ring to it, no? #bikeTO #notaunioncarbonman
Sounds like a laundromat.@bikeunion It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against. Let’s transform Toronto together #biketogregory alan elliott
.@bikeunion – seriously, you leave such a bad taste w/this stupid decision. and i am exactly your target audience. #pandering #bikeTOAndrea Addario
"@bikeunion: It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against. Let’s transform Toronto together #biketo" – Congratulations!Shae Z
Cycle Toronto have fun riding the new Ford trails in the ravines…..getting there well….. might need a car or a cab #NoAdvocacy #BikeTOSharkDancing
Pretty disappointed by the vote in favour of changing the @bikeunion name in order to omit the word "union." Utterly ridiculous. #bikeTOC.N. Hubbarde
The more that progressives cede to/adopt conservative discourse, the more the ‘norm’ gets shifted further and further to the right. #bikeTOC.N. Hubbarde
It’s a sad day when conservative ideology concerning trade unions forces a cycling advocacy organization to change its name. #bikeTOkiwinerd
At the Duke of York wrapping up after the @bikeunion’s AGM. Come join us! #bikeTOJoe Drew
Cycle Toronto means nothing to me. #bikeTOkiwinerd
Branding with new strategy: congrats MT @bikeunion: It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against.Alliance4Bike&Walk
MT @bikeunion We’re now Cycle Toronto. #biketo Still think it sounds like a lame city council initiative that’d go nowhere.Aldric
@bikeunion What do you have to say to a founding life member who did not support the name change? Think carefully before responding.kiwinerd
MT @bikeunion It’s official. We’re now Cycle Toronto. #biketo Let’s spend a years worth of membership fees on rebranding instead of advocacyAldric
@addarioandrea @bikeunion it was a vote by the membership. That’s just how democracy works. You don’t get everything you wantHerb
You can still call the Cycle Toronto the Cyclists Union. I still call "Rogers Centre" Skydome.Ryan Day
Couldn’t we all just agree on Commie Pinko Bike Jerks? #bikeunion #cycletorontoMonica Rooney
Left uplifted and inspired after Cycle Toronto’s AGM @bikeunion #CycleTorontoSteve Purificati
@arvelomcquaig @meslin @bikeunion For the record, as a fairly radical progressive I take no offence from the name change. #BikeTOKristin Whiteley
Bike Union is now Cycle Toronto. 71% for, 29% against. Interested in hearing why people voted for the change. #biketoHeather McGaw
Cycle Toronto sounds like a race or bike route and not so much like a group that advocates for cyclists. Rebranding is a bummer.lyndall musselman